Sonu Sood, The Actor Awarded with Punjab Ratan For Admiration of His Social Work

Sonu Sood has recently been awarded Punjab Ratan by the Governor of Punjab. The renowned Actor, Sonu Sood has been noticed as a talented actor, producer and model have another fold in his personality. Not only in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu Movies, Sonu Sood has also been observed working in multiple Punjabi and Kannada movies. This all-rounder star has also flourished as one of the social workers in the society. After contributing towards the welfare of Punjab, Mr. Sood has finally been recognized by the Punjab government.

Sonu Sood Honoured with Punjab Ratan for His Social Work

Sonu Sood has been participating in several social causes to extend his support. After being working hard to contribute to the welfare of the society, the Multi-talented Sonu Sood has been honored by the Governor of Punjab at an event at Fazilka, Punjab. It was a great moment for Sood who was born and brought up in a small district of Punjab, Moga to receive the award recognizing his contribution to the society. This event at which he was awarded was organized by the NGO ‘Shaheedon Ki Samadhi Committee” at Asafwala War Memorial on Sunday.

Overwhelmed by this honor, Sonu Sood also paid homage to the soldiers who fought the Indo-Pak war in 1971. The award was given to him in presence of the families of the Martyrs in 1971 war alongside many Majors, Colonels, and Soldiers. He has been known for his social work in different aspects of society. Being known for his acting talent, there is another side of him that we hardly came across. Recently, the famous and renowned actor Sonu Sood was recognized for his welfare work by the Governor.

Delighted on receiving the Punjab Ratan award, the famous Sonu Sood also, explained how he understands the honor of uniform as he wore the uniform for two months while shooting for movie ‘Patlan’ in which he is playing the role of Major. Sood also said that he felt blessed to get this award in front of the families who stand by protecting the nation without getting concerned about their lives. The Thank You Speech also ended by Sood paying respect to his parents who stood by him.

Source – HindustanTimes 


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