Spider Man Homecoming Subdues Bollywood At The Indian Box Office | Collection & Review

Marvel released the third reboot of its famous Spider man franchise the Spider-Man: Homecoming worldwide yesterday. The film has made waves at the box office both nationally and internationally. Tom Holland starrer Spider Man: Homecoming has defeated Sridevi and Paresh Rawal’s Mom and Guest In London at the box office collection in India on the very first day of its release by earning 6.5 crores. Spider Man: Homecoming has been given 95% rating by Rotten Tomatoes, 8.3/10 by IMDb and 73% by Metacritic proving itself as one of the best science-fiction fantasy from the house of Marvel.

Spider-Man: Homecoming At Indian Box Office

The release of the latest Hollywood flick Spider Man: Homecoming has put the two of the Bollywood movies in a regrettable situation of being released with an international movie for the third time. Homecoming is the third international movie of the year that has performed really well at the Indian box office after xXx: Return of Xander Cage and  The Fate of The Furious.

Bollywood’s Mom has earned Rs 3 crore, Guest In London has made Rs 1.5 crore while Spider-Man: Homecoming has grossed 6.5 cores which is more than both former films together. Starting its first week with a bang, Spider Man: Homecoming will surely prove to be box office hit in India, while hopefully not entangling the other films in its “spidey web”!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Reviews

Spider Man: Homecoming is all about Peter Parker coming back to his home town and trying to regain the balance of its life while trying to be the super hero that he is meant be and winning the battle against Vulture. In India the movie has received amazing reviews by the film critics and viewers. While some have called it “A refreshing reboot”, “A movie that breathes new life into the Marvel Character Universe”, “Quintessential and coming of age movie”, the others have termed the movie “innocent”.

Spider Man: Homecoming is a very teen centric and back to school type movie that is full of all things exciting, comic and romantic. The new Spider Man Tom Holland has got the looks that people will fall in love with instantly. Having a very fresh and young face Tom Holland has portrayed the character of wimpy and shy Peter Parker very well.

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