Sweden Terror Truck Attack (Stockholm): 4 Killed, 15 Injured | Terrorist Held

Sweden experienced a truck attack in it capital city Stockholm on 7th April. The incident took place around 3 in the afternoon, when a stolen beer truck rammed down to the pedestrian outside the busy shopping centre of the city. The Police and Government have acclaimed it as a ‘Terrorist Attack’. The driver left the spot bloody after the incident immediately. A total of 4 people were killed and 15 got injured including children in terror attack in the capital city of Sweden. Police searched for the accused for a long time and finally, they got the hand over to a suspect for the same.

Highlights of the Sweden Terror Attack

After the truck attack in the Stockholm city near the departmental store. Police took the charge and have taken to the sufferers to the nearby hospitals for the treatment. Although Police even got sketched over the culprit with the help of the eyewitnesses of the terror attack.

  • Police report no shots in the city or near the departmental store.
  • After the incident, Police has arrested as a suspect in Marsta (North of Stockholm).
  • Nothing has been revealed by the Sweden Police for the suspect.
  • Spendrups (Swedish brewery company), whose truck was used for the crime confirms that it was stolen a before.
  • Some of the stations nearby the spot remains close after the terror attack in Sweden.
  • Police have been questioning the suspect so that something could be taken out from him.
  • 6 people have been discharged from the hospital, whereas 9 are still in serious condition.

Although it has not been sure that whether the suspect arrested by the police, do have any connection with the incident or not. The suspect has been arrested on the basis of the sketch of the culprit.

Previous Similar Incidents

Many incidents similar to this have made to news from Berlin, London and Nice (France) in the past year. Regarding the same, Prime Minister of Sweden has said that it is very difficult to stop such incidents but we can surely provide safety to our citizen.

  • Berlin Truck Attack

On 20 Dec 2016, A trailer ran over a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. An Islamic State extremist group has taken the responsibility of the attack, in which 12 people were killed and approximately 50 got injured.

  • London Car Attack

Recently on March 22, 2017, A car driver rammed the car into the pedestrian near the Parliament. A police officer was stabbed and nearly 4 people were killed including the assailant and 40 were injured.

  • Nice (France) Truck Attack

On 14th July 2016, during the celebration of the Bastille day in Nice, France a Cargo truck slammed into the celebration on the evening. In the attack, 86 people were killed and 434 got injured.

It is a very shameful attack in any country. We hope a speedy recovery for the injured people of the Truck attack in Sweden and god give strength to those who lost their loved ones in the incident.

Source: The Local and The Guardian


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