Tata Nexon is All Set to bring Tata Motors One Step Ahead in Competitive Market | Check Tata Nexon Design & Review

Tata Motors was established in the year 1945 and was one of the only commercial vehicle manufacturers in India for more than a decade. Way before the Tata Nexon today the Sierra launched in 1991 started the company’s journey into the Passenger vehicle segment. Cars by Tata motors have been heavily criticised for their boxy designs and use of cheap materials for as long as one can remember but it is the time we stop stereotyping cars like Tata Nexon for the same. Zest by Tata Motors has been in the market for a while now and was one of the first cars that started Tata Motor’s evolution as a respected car manufacturer in the country. It is time we look at these cars like the Tata Nexon for what they really are – a modern upmarket compact SUV.

The Tata Nexon is the new face of the evolution of Tata Motors.

The name Tata Motors resonated with a lot of things like a boxy design, bad build quality, cheap interior plastic and a even a taxi until five years ago. All these changes with the launch of the Tata Zest and continues today with the Tata Nexon. These cars had an up market look, mature engineering, and build quality at par with other manufacturers. Let’s take a look at what all stereotypes the Tata Nexon tarnish about the Tata Motors.

Boxy Designs:

The cars by Tata Motors back in the day like the Sumo looked rather boring and had minimal design language. This continued with cars like the Indica and the Indigo too. Unlike the Tata Nexon, these were all bland and never appealed to the buyer. The Nexon however, is one of the most interesting looking cars in the Indian market right now and might even dominate some cars from German companies.

Build Quality:

The build quality of the Tata Cars might have been an issue of the past as most cars by Tata Motors today like the Zest, Tiago and the Tata Nexon all scored well in the crash ratings. The build quality is on par with some other manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki that dominates the Indian Market.

No Fun To Drive:

Cars by Tata Motors might not have been fun to drive earlier but this has changed too in the past couple of years. The Tata engineered engines in the Tata Zest and Tata Nexon come with different driving modes and are the only cars in the segment that offer this feature.


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