The All In One Guide To Facebook Marketing For Startups

Facebook currently has 2.23 billion people on it. Undoubtedly it is one of the most popular social media sites. And most of these people use Facebook on a daily basis. Out of a recent survey by a marketing agency, every active user checks Facebook at least 35 times a day.

As a result, Facebook provides an immense amount of scope to marketers. Several marking agencies use Facebook as one of their biggest marketing tools. Especially when it comes to startups, then there is no looking back.

Below given are some useful tips and tricks that will help gain an edge for startups when it comes to Facebook marketing –

Promote Social Selling At Facebook – Promote and advertise your products as much as possible on Facebook. The key is to promote your product in large groups to get a like-minded audience, and thus, sell products easily. Also, Facebook can be used as a great brand-building tool for startups. Both ways your startup is getting a boost.

Video Marketing – The biggest reason why people still prefer the offline market is that this market assures look and feel, which is somewhat absent in the online market. And thanks to the video marketing feature at YouTube, startups can overcome this. So, make short videos of your product that are easily sellable in the market. You can use Youtube intros for your brand so that it quickly  gives an idea of your brand to your audience.

User-Generated Content – One of the biggest pluses about Facebook marketing for startups is user-generated content. This is a golden opportunity on how the customers can interact with business houses. Creating a buzz around the product and the service in the market is one of the biggest plus which marketers can use to their credit.

Paid Ads On Facebook – Paid Facebook ads are quite inexpensive, and they will fetch you a much larger audience and platform. And thus, when it comes to ROI, then these ads are a great way to invest money. You gain an infinitely large audience who will view your product and even give you important feedback. So, rather than putting your money elsewhere, invest them in such ads, especially for startups. A perfect way to grow your startup with such ads.

Begin The Discussion – Sometimes, you need to be the flag bearer. Try to initiate the discussion. You can use polls, quizzes, and even review platforms at Facebook to market your startup products.

Personalize Your Facebook Cum Startup Posts – It is generally advisable to give your business page a personal touch. Whenever you are posting anything about your startup on Facebook, it is really important to add your element. Of course, it will help build customer awareness and inclination towards your startup and help build the brand image.

Facebook Algorithm – If you want to make Facebook as your primary marketing tool, then you must be a pro at the Facebook algorithm. Facebook wants its users to stay at its platform rather than going on any other platform. So, try not to give any external links. Use internal links that direct you to any other Facebook page.

Also, post embedded videos and not link to videos. Try to share your content more and more, and use the first comment section as the most important tool.

Third-Party Groups – This is one of the most important marketing tools on Facebook for startups. Try to advertise your product on this page. But firstly make sure that your product is completely in line with the group. For example, if you are a Delhi based startup, then promote your products in Delhi buying and selling groups and so on.

Create A Business Account – This is very important. Try to create a separate startup account. Link this startup account with your personal account. Use the header page to put something related to your business only. From time to time initially share the business page to get maximum people on to that page.

Make Your Presence Felt At Other Groups – It is very important to make your presence felt at other Facebook groups. You must remember that Facebook’s golden rule is that what is visible gets only sold on Facebook. Thus, more you talk and promote your startup, more and more people will recognize you.

Guerilla Marketing On Facebook – This is a unique style of marketing on Facebook. Try to search business pages which are similar to your page. And then post their comments about your page. This will redirect at least some of the audience towards your business page.

Use The Correct Marketing Content – It is very important that you use the correct marketing content on Facebook. Try to keep the text to its minimum and use images to convey the idea. Keep the images and the text both simple and easy to understand. This will direct the audience towards your business page.

Use A Movie Maker With a Movie Maker, you will be able to showcase the journey of your business. You can also use this to explain in detail about your product or service. This again comes under adding the personal link between your Facebook and business group.


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