The Bitcoin Tools That Every Investor Should Use

Trading in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies has become a way of life for many investors these days. Unlike regular currency, crypto coins are stored on blockchains and they are not regulated by any centralized authority like banks. The biggest attraction for investors is that cryptocurrency makes it possible for people to turn rich overnight. However, at the same time, you must be careful about purchasing from reputed industry sources.

Traders and investors can depend on some tools which are known to help them analyze price movements and optimize trading strategies. Have a look at to know about the recent software applications that help in the autonomous trading of bitcoins. Just like other professions have their own tools, these tools are specific to trading in cryptocurrencies and can be used by traders. None is exclusive but can be of great help for a beginner with little knowledge of how the crypto world works.

CoinMarketCap: This is a useful source for obtaining valid data about market cap and current coin prices. You can take a detailed snapshot of the entire market and this is why this tool is a go-to tool for most traders. The market cap displays the total numbers of a crypto asset that is in circulation multiplied by the current value. Price displays the coin’s value in price as compared to fiat value. The supply category offers information about coins that are in circulation that is liable to fluctuate. All data are collated and shown in a logical way; this makes CoinMarketCap one of the best cryptocurrency websites that offers key trading data.

TradingView: This is another essential tool for Bitcoin traders that offer trade charts and is a great source of successful trading strategies. Users can share strategies and comments and this makes the tool very useful for newcomers in the crypto space. The site offers technical analysis through charts and these help traders make strategies and do historical comparisons. Community members can offer predictions on prices and valuable market analysis.

Coin Gecko: This is a key tool for crypto traders and the top currencies are ranked here according to criteria like liquidity, activity, market cap, community, and public interest. The team assesses developer activities and offers investors an insight on whether there is any sense in investing in a project so as to avoid disappointing returns and precious loss of time. The tool considers community engagements as proof of a coin’s ranking. So, coins which are received well by investors display good earnings and high appreciation.

Coinigy: This platform offers live prices from different exchanges all over the world. It pitches continuous monitoring along with price alerts for users that are got from multiple sources. When you download this app you can see all current charts and coin prices.

Blockfolio: This app is a value monitor and known as a crypto “management” app. It enables users to maintain real-time prices on Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum etc. users may set price signals using this app. Blockfolio offers a global snapshot of crypto space and beginners seek to peg prices depending on this resource. To get a global view, this app gets data from more than 100 crypto exchanges.


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