The Business Tycoon of Dubai Mr Selaiman Azizi

Dubai is the synonym of rich and royal people. It is a dream of so many people to do business or to just to live in Dubai because of the amount of royalty and wealth that it offers.

There are a lot of people who want to work hard and achieve succces but not everyone gets successful. Mr Selaiman Azizi is one of those rare people who have achieved great success at a very young age. Selaiman is a business tycoon of Dubai and also a brand in himself across the Gulf, China, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Selaiman Azizi is a super successful businessman who owns a lot of business in petroleum, cigarette, food, hotel, jewellery and other various sectors. He also holds 50% of the shares in several companies in which he also the President or CEO in most of them.

Over the years Mr Azizi has worked day and night for the expansion of his business worldwide and his hard work and dedication really paid off when his name finally became a brand around the world and now he is finally he is living a royal life that everyone dreams.

However, this success, money and all the wealth that Selaiman Azizi has seems so shiny and fancy, one thing all should know that it didn’t come easy. Mr Azizi has started working at a young age as an oil trader and financial adviser and worked himself toward his dreams to finally see himself as a businessman. It took him years of hard work and struggle during his twenties.

Selaiman Azizi is a self-made man who had the will and determination to reach into a level where he can decide he wants to work with instead of letting the other people decide if they want to work with him. He spent his time and effort to always upgrade and progress at everything that he does and his focus and hard work helped him get here to his current position.

Mr Azizi’s story is an inspiration and motivational tale for all the aspiring people who wanna achieve something big in their life. The will and determination that he showed throughout his life are really impressive and inspirational for all of us.


Ajay Deep

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