“The Intruder” Starring Ritwika Gupta Is A Smartly Designed Spooky Short

Streaming on YouTube, The Intruder is a must-watch for anyone who loves an engaging, short thriller.

It is incredible how artists this year have adapted to lockdown filmmaking. Actors are now more than just performers. Take for instance, The Intruder – an Indian short film that has been written and shot by its leading lady, Ritwika Gupta, who is a TV anchor by profession. The 8-minute self-shot film opens with a young woman preparing her hot cup of tea before leaving for work. It seems like any other normal day until she comes back home and notices something amiss about her surroundings. She initially dismisses it but things get stranger as the days pass.

The Intruder has been edited by Stendor Sorout remotely. In an interview, Ritwika said that Stendor advised her on the framing and production. Framing is an important language in any thriller or horror. Given that The Intruder is a short film about a girl alone at home, we, as the audience constantly feel that someone is indeed watching her, owing to the framing. The dialogues and sequences are also cleverly designed, keeping the solo character and limited resources in mind. No professional camera, light or sound was used and in such a scenario, a film can easily come across as amateur. But here, the lack of resources and indoor camera and sound blends into the character’s confinement and enhances the thrill. Although there are not many dialogues, we are completely glued to the screen.

The filmmaking might not be perfect, but it does not derail its storytelling.

At the end of the day, the success of The Intruder lies in its relationship with the audience. The clever ending is open to interpretation but it also has a huge potential for a sequel. This is one of the reasons why maximum viewers in the comment section are wishing for a part two. It can also become a full-throated web-series, if producers and OTTs notice the potential. Ritwika Gupta does a decent job as an actor, carrying the film completely on her shoulders. Even her blankness is expressive – especially in one of the first few scenes where she stays silent as she observes something different about her living room. She is instinctive, vulnerable and pleasant to watch on screen.

Streaming on YouTube, The Intruder is a must-watch over the weekend for anyone who loves an engaging, short thriller.

You can watch the film here:


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