The key difference between e-sports betting and sports betting

As you know, the origins of sports betting can be traced back to the first sports competitions and other sporting events in ancient times. Since then, the sports betting industry has come a long way to become a form of entertainment adored by millions of people. 

Throughout its long history, betting has gone hand in hand with the sports industry, evolving, adapting, and transforming along with it. 

Traditional sports have not changed much since the massive expansion of the Internet and mobile technology and have even become more popular due to increased accessibility. The most significant change in the sports industry has been esports’ appearance and rapidly growing popularity. 

As well as the opportunity to bet on it in the best casinos in India and win considerable amounts of money. Yes, you need to be deeply involved in this topic, but any income requires it.

The birth of e-sports

E-sports is a multiplayer video game played by professional players for spectators in competitive mode. The first video game competition took place at Stanford University in October 1972, but in the 21st century, with the improvement of broadband access and the development of the gaming industry, esports has become an extremely popular trend.

People from all over the world watch professional players participate in tournaments in the following games:

  •           Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  •           Dota 2
  •           League of Legends
  •           Hearthstone
  •           Overwatch, etc.

As e-sports tournaments began to gain an army of fans and viewers, this betting type was introduced and proved to be a profitable and prosperous industry. The question is the following: is sports betting different from traditional sports betting, and if yes, which one is better?

E-sports betting VS sports betting

 At first glance, traditional and electronic sports are completely different, but their similarities are undeniable. They both take the form of tournaments to determine the winner and, due to their structure, allow similar forms of betting:

  •           match betting
  •           betting on winning the tournament
  •           betting on a specific player
  •           fantasy sports
  •           betting on events in the game that depend on the possibilities of a particular sport or e-sports

Bookmakers offer different betting lines and coefficients, and bettors can choose the most attractive ones. And just like in traditional sports betting, people who want to win in esports betting need to research and know the game to be successful.

At the same time, the nature of esports is responsible for many factors that distinguish it from traditional sports. For example, traditional sports have set rules, can only adapt a little, and the teams involved in the game can change a little.

Electronic sports are video games, and like any multiplayer video game, they are subject to updates. There may be changes throughout the game and updates to individual characters and maps. 

The entire game can be rebalanced, and new abilities added or removed from heroes, which can increase or decrease the effectiveness of strategies and significantly affect the performance of professional players who participate in competitions. 

In addition, e-sports depends on luck a lot, making the game’s outcome much more unstable and unforeseen. 

Advantages and disadvantages of e-sports 

The main pros and cons of e-sports can be highlighted as follows: 

Advantages Disadvantages
The frequency of events is much higher than in traditional sports: each team can have about 15 games per week, which gives a lot of betting options Low limits offered by bookmakers who consider the esports market as a high-risk market
Due to the high randomness of game events, the possibility of an outsider winning is higher Technical difficulties that can dramatically change the outcome of an event
Esports have not been sufficiently studied and analyzed by bookmakers, so experts in e-sports can use betting lines that do not reflect the real likelihood of events Match-fixing that invalidate any analysis of a game outcome probability

You can try your hand at both traditional betting and e-sports, with an additional benefit. After all, the best betting platforms in India offer various bonuses to their players. 

Apart from the standard welcome pack, the RajBets India website offers 5% cash back on sports betting. But remember, whatever service you use must be licensed and reliable. 

As you can see, electronic and traditional sports have similarities and differences. But it is impossible to say for sure which is better: betting on traditional sports or e-sports. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as passionate fans. Moreover, they both make a big contribution to the development of the betting industry.


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