The Most Emerging Technology Trends of 2019

Companies from all over the world are investing a lot of money in technology development and we can see the progress happening. Even though technology quickly moves forward, it seems like the people are coping with it pretty easy for now. But what can we expect from the future and is it going to be something revolutionary?

According to Moore’s law, the chip power doubles every two years. However, nowadays it seems like it is going much faster than that. For example, if you buy a state of the art phone, after only a year your phone will be outdated and in shadow by new more modern technology.

In this article, we will highlight some of the biggest technology innovations that we are most likely to see in 2019.

  • Internet of things (IoT)

IoT does not have a universal definition, and people are explaining it in a different way. The problem is that the internet of things is such a wide classification and it can mean anything. However, it means only one thing, using the technology to get better analysis, increasing sales, making people safer, decreasing costs, improving everyday life and etc.

IoT basically means that technologies are starting to communicate with one another in order to provide the best possible experience for the user. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This type of technology is already affecting how people interact with businesses connecting them with intelligent bots capable of understanding them and anticipating their behavior. Experts claim that AI will have the biggest impact on healthcare, finance, data security, decision-making accuracy, sports, and employment training. 

NFL teams are already using AI and IoT in their training methods, statistics and analysis just to give players the edge to improve a bit more. This technology will also help the ones who bet on football to have more accurate predictions and tips.

Artificial intelligence combined with robotics is the all-new method of building businesses capable of doing all the work by machines. Many companies invest in this technology as they believe they will bring them many benefits.

  • 5G Technology

The rise of mobile networks and continues growth of internet usage means that the network must evolve and go forward in order to please all customers. According to CompTIA 5G will roll out this year, equipping devices with unbelievable speed. Some smartphone manufacturers have already launched their 5G models, but the problem is that the world is still not ready and does not have 5G network coverage in all countries. This process will take time. 

  • Blockchain

Since most of the transactions are made online nowadays, companies started to get scared about the security of their information. That is why they started investing in Blockchain in order to increase security and manage transactions over the internet.

  • Robotics

Automating routine processes were always the key element for building extraordinary projects. The machine business is focused on building robotics which is more affordable, faster, and more efficient than nowadays. This might turn into a problem later on after all the employees are replaced with machines, which means many people will lose their jobs. Experts claim that the number of people that will be working on building these machines and their maintenance will be equal to the people that will be replaced. 

  • Biometrics

Some time ago we all thought that only the FBI or CIA would have face recognition software, but a few years later we can see that the technology is moving emerging and it will be available to all of us. The technology is moving forward and it is capable of recognizing a person by scanning his face, fingerprint or retina scans something that is considered regular on modern smartphones. 

  • 3D printing

3D printing is the solution for making complexed parts as well as creating unique and rare parts which are difficult to find. This technology is moving forward and we expect to see more available and affordable 3D printers in every home.

These are some of the technologies that are considered attractive in 2019. The world is advancing and a lot of effort has been involved by creating and improving these technologies. We will see what will they bring to the world.


Ajay Deep

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