The Roof Protects The House – Safeguard it Against Hail Damage!

In the last few years, high-speed wind and hail caused damage to 40% of properties in many parts of the world. Yes, the numbers are that high. It accounted for 20% of insurance claims and resulted in various damaged houses. The cost related to hail damage may quickly add up since hail affects almost everything outside, including the windows, your vehicle, the roof, etc. Some hail damage symptoms are broken windows, dented cars, etc. However, the unnoticeable, minor damage from hail requires an expert to identify it. Even if you do not have obvious signs of roof damage, you need experts to identify the problem and inspect the issue so you can deal with the hail damage appropriately.

  • What impact does the hail have on the roof? 

The impact of hail rooftop damage may differ from one area to the other. Several factors play an essential role here, including wind speed, hail size, wind direction, the roof’s edge, the roof slope’s material, etc. The roof damage which occurs during hail storms is severe for interiors and exteriors. Hail damage is terrible for the rooftop when it results in roof leaks and other related issues.

Damage may be cosmetic or functional, and the cosmetic damage, which is at times more severe, needs immediate handling. Such as punctures, bruises, broken edges, and granule loss may result in severe complications they might see in cosmetics initially.

  • Granule loss

It would assist if you looked at the gutters and downspouts after the hailstorm to understand whether there is any granule in them. The granule is the sandpaper-like aspect of the shingle. Windows shingle loses the granule, and the asphalt coating comes out. It results in accelerated aging.

  • Check the shingles

Coming to the second important part, which requires professional handling, is the checking of the shingles. Hard-hit shingles will break or rupture, resulting in exposure and wear and tear. It leaves the roof with open spots. Cracked shingles may not protect the top and damage the structure in the long run.

  • Exposed fiberglass

Hail impacts the roof and can shatter a single surface, causing the structure to break away from the fiberglass. The underneath is then exposed, which is a terrible sign.

  • Fractured fiberglass

Textured fiberglass is not easy to detect and usually needs a reputed expert. Fractured fiberglass may result in wear and tear and cracks from one point to another. It would help if you thus had hail proof roofing to withstand the damage. 

  • You may take professional help for installation and maintenance

Get your roof inspected and try to assess the hail damage so you can take the necessary steps as early as possible. Irrespective of the problem, you need trained individuals to analyze the roof exterior and provide decent services. Severe rooftop damage like single ripped-off, broken shingles, and so on requires trained individuals to manage the problem. 

With expert guidance, you may repair it fully. Some hidden signs might only become evident if a professional inspection is done. 


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