The Secret Behind The Marketing and Business Skill of Rizwan Shan

Everyone dreams of living a successful and lavish life So that they can travel the world, drive supercars, spend holidays in exotic places, etc. All of this lifestyle comes at the cost of persistence, hard work of years, and dedication to achieve success, And there are not many who are willing to work that hard. Rizwan Shan, The brilliant businessman and investor from the United Kingdom is a prime role model for all the aspiring businessmen who are trying to make it big.

One of the great things about Rizwan Shan that makes him so relatable is that he is a self-made man, Who owes his success to no one but himself. At the very tender age of 17, he started his business with his father, who has been a beacon of light throughout his career and journey. He takes great inspiration from his father and closely upholds his values. Starting from beauty products his business now expands over multiple ventures of retail and wholesale selling and supply of Beauty and Cosmetic goods under the store name of Beauty choice (retail store ), Pretty woman (retail store), Sensational (retail store), Catwalk beauty (retail store), Paks cosmetics, Afro cosmetics retailer, Simple hair, etc.

Rizwan Shan’s retail stores are situated in multiple countries in Europe and all over the United Kingdom and Dubai. Also the online sales through his company’s websites like and Other than the Beauty and cosmetic business he also invests heavily in properties, real estate, commercial development, etc under his investment firm Shan investment limited.

Even with such extraordinarily big business ventures Rizwan Shan doesn’t forget to have fun in life and enjoys his life and lives it to the fullest. His car collection includes supercars like Buggati and Lamborghini which are worth millions. Not to forget that he also owns a private jet which he mostly uses for his personal and business travel. This is the lifestyle of the businessman Rizwan Shan.


Ajay Deep

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