The Top 5 Remodeling Trends In The Year 2021 And How You Can Tap Into Them

Since almost everyone has spent most of their more time sitting at home during the pandemic, the idea of remodeling has piqued the interest.

Considering that more time is being spent in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and even bedroom, this might be the appropriate time to invest in your residence and restore it to its glory.

Top 5 Remodeling Trends of 2021

While you might be mustering up inspiration, the last thing you would want is an obsolete design. However, do not fret as you can check out the list mentioned below that will guide you about the voguish remodeling trends of 2021 and make your house look contemporary –

1. Natural Hues and Metal Materials 

One of the most trendy designs of 2021 is subtle earthy hues accompanied by metal pieces. With more and more time spent at home during the pandemic, people have become more in-tune with pausing to appreciate nature.

As per Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report, the upcoming trend dictates that people will enjoy spending time in warmer colors in the spring and summer of 2021. This trend applies to fashion week, interior design, and more.

Some joyful earthy hues include Marigold (pleasing golden orange-infused yellow), Rust (an Earth-inspired brown resembling autumn), Cerulean (color of the sky), Green Ash (chilly and soothing), Burnt Coral (feeling of warmth), and Amethyst Orchid (the floral orchid).

Metallic interiors will get trendy in 2021 because metal materials complement natural hues. The allure of rich copper is beautiful for any season, but autumn seems to be the appropriate time to fill up your kitchen with the copperish golden hue.

In 2021, there is a growing trend to introduce copper to your fireplace alongside bricks. Use reclaimed copper sheets from other home remodeling projects or hire an artisan or kitchen range hood welder who excels in copper trim applications to design your interiors.

2. Functional Kitchen Island Features

In 2021, the trend of having a simple and functional kitchen design in remodeling will continue to thrive. With more time spent staying indoors, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and less dining out, the kitchen island would receive upgrades.

Some functionality upgrades include an integrated dishwasher, kitchen island storage, spice rack, pull-out garbage and recycling cabinet, and more pantry racks for food storage.

If your home requires a more casual area to dine, ensure that at least some portion of the island is available for barstools and sitting. Carve out some space for stools and leave the rest for under-shelf cabinets.

Rather than opting for floating the kitchen island, place it against the wall, as this will double its functionality as a partial space divider. To complement your island, hang an eye-catching pendant above.

If you wish to hire a home improvement company for your remodeling ideas, visit the National Association of the Remodeling Industry online and browse from several contractors and businesses that offer affordable rates and deliver top-notch quality.

3. Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Another remodeling idea that has been trending in 2021 is indoor-outdoor living. It feels comforting to be able to walk outside your house and still mix up with family or work remotely in your backyard.

Here are some tips to help you realize indoor-outdoor living spaces –

  • Extend Kitchen and Entertaining Boundaries

By using creative sliding and folding door mechanisms, kitchen transitions can become more functional and oriented towards entertainment and socializing. Consider options like swing doors, folding windows, and stackable doors that allow for features like a walk-up bar.

  • Create an Outdoor Family Space

Outdoor family rooms can help create an additional entertaining area without bearing exorbitant renovation costs. Use outdoor furniture like couches and armchairs to make an intimate seating area. 

  • Consistent Design Theme

When integrating indoor and outdoor living areas, keep the design consistent to render a unifying look. Use similar accessories, color palette, as-well-as furniture style to make outdoor space an extension of the indoors.

4. Bigger Kitchens and Dining Space

Larger kitchens that can offer more dining space will trend in 2021 and the upcoming years. During the pandemic, more families have spent time at home for supper, and thus, most remodels have included a kitchen island with a dining space attached. 

Here is how you can make your kitchen look more spacious if you do not wish to make substantial investments in knocking down walls –

  • Glass Doors

Swap out your cabinet doors with transparent glass. Regardless of choosing a single frame or a paneled design, it will lighten the area and make the room appear airier. 

  • Monotone or Vertical Stripes

Modern kitchens appear great in white, and thus, you should use this hue on your kitchen cabinets and the walls, making the room look spacious. 

Vertical stripes give an illusion of taller spaces, so you can put up wallpaper with narrow stripes to bring about a more spacious look in the kitchen.

  • Compact Furniture and Appliances

Since you have limited space in a small kitchen, choose furniture that is slim and space-efficient. Do not buy tables and chairs with broad legs. Use clear furniture to make the kitchen appear lighter.

5. Work From Home Office

Working from home has become pivotal, and what better than to create a work-from-home space than in 2021. Whether you go for a kitchen remodel with an office area or room addition for an office, work-from-home will gain momentum this year. 

Consider buying a standing desk to ensure that you do not remain sitting throughout the day working in front of the monitor. This gesture can help boost your productivity, focus, and cardiac health.

Include some green plants as this will add a dash of color to your office space and help induce happiness and mitigate stress. Choose plants like dracaena, ficus, and Boston fern, as they are low-maintenance and offer decent air filtering qualities.

Another helpful tip is to ensure that your workspace stays lit with ambient light. Place some cheap rope LED lights around your office space. Affix them in a way that they traverse the edges of your desk.

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Final Words

The onset of 2021 is all about adapting a new lifestyle and making changes that will benefit you for the better, and what better place to start than home remodeling. Consider the top five trending design remodeling ideas mentioned above and rejuvenate the spark of living in your dream home.

Since almost everyone has spent most of their more time sitting at home during the pandemic, the idea of remodeling has piqued the interest.

Considering that more time is being spent in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and even bedroom, this might be the appropriate time to invest in your residence and restore it to its glory.


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