Three Moments in Poker History That Shook The World

When it comes to poker, it has always been a popular viewer sport. Poker is notoriously known for its many tournaments, high stake prize pools and intriguing gameplay. It is a game played all over the world from the Strip in Las Vegas to Indian gaming sites. There are multiple aspects that make poker such an interesting viewer sport and in this article we will highlight the most spectacular poker plays in the history of televised poker tournaments. We go over the most incredible and remarkable plays in modern days Texas Hold’em Poker tournaments on television. This list contains three moments in the history of TV Poker that really shook the audience and the crowd that watched the tournament. We have found three moments that are spectacular and memorable in their own separate ways and contain everything from bluffs to river card miracles. Read this article to find out how some of the most incredible poker plays turn out on live television. 

#3 – Miss Finland bluffs out Pro gambler Ronnie Bardah

At a 2014 Shark Cage Tournament arranged by Pokerstars, one of the most bizarre bluffs in the history of Poker took place. On the very first hand of the game, Miss Finland and former Miss Universe contestant Sara Chafak, called her A-2 hand to see the flop and the call was followed by pro poker player Ronnie Bardah. Ronnie was sitting on 8-4 so none of them really had a good hand before the flop. As the first three cards were shown Q-5-4, Ronnie already took the lead by having a bottom pair but this did not blow out Sara at all. As Ronnie checked the flop, Sara decided to bet on the pot with 55.000 with Ronnie following to see the turn card. As the next card would show yet another 4 – you would think that the pro player would just take it from here. However, Sara had other plans and in three dífferent bets she bet 255,000 to see the river card. As Sara was sitting with A-2 in her hand, her only out would be a 3 on the river – if any other card showed Ronnie would take the pot for sure. However, the river card would show to be a 6, leaving Sara without a chance of winning the round, unless she made a bold bluff. Ronnie checked on the river card and which should have sealed the deal, but Miss Finland had other plans. She went ALL IN with an ace high, leaving Ronnie with no other option to either follow the call or fold his winning triplets. And so he did. Ronnie Bardah folded his hand so Sara Chafak could win the pot and his reaction when he saw the bluff was priceless. Without a doubt one of the most bizarre yet funny bluffs in the history of live television poker. 

#2 – NY Police Officer beats Daniel Negreanu Live on TV

Daniel Negreanu is famously known in the professional poker scene as one of the most characteristic poker players of all-time. During a televised program called “Poker Buddies – Million Dollar Challenge” Daniel Negreanu squared off against casual and amateur poker players who could try their luck against the poker champion. One of them was Mike Kosowski, a New York Police Officer who took the challenge to go into a one-on-one match vs. Negreanu. In a decisive poker hand, Negreanu went all-in on a K-4 hand with Mike following the call with his 5-7 hand. The flop went somewhat in favor of both players but giving Negreanu the upper edge with a king in the flop. However the flop also showed a 6 and a 9 leaving Mike with the only option of getting a straight if he could find an 8 on the turn or river card. The turn card went in favor of Daniel Negreanu as it showed a 6 giving him two pairs. The only option Mike had left was to find an 8 on the last card of the game… and so he did. The river card showed an 8 which made Mike a millionaire to his and his family’s amusal

#1 – O’Dwyer wins tournament All In on a river card quad

However one of the greatest moments ever recorded on live television to place on the prestigious European Poker Tour. Irishman Steve O’Dwyer took on Andrew Pantling for one of the greatest endings of a poker tournament in history. Pantling had a spade flush at the final hand where O’Dwyer was sitting on triple 8’s. It left O’Dwyer with several outs to score a full house. But in perfect style, the river card would show itself to be an 8 giving O’Dwyer the victory with a quad 8 to claim the title and trophy. 


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