Tips & Tricks to Prepare for AFCAT-2 2020 Exam

The Air Force Common Admission Test or AFCAT is a prestigious recruitment exam conducted by the Indian Air Force [IAF] every year for filling positions of Technical & Non-Technical Roles in the Indian Air Force. This includes both Flight and Ground Duty.

AFCAT 2020 exam follows a four-stage testing criterion, namely, Written Test, AFSB Testing Stage 1, AFSB Testing Stage 2 and a final Medical Examination. It is said to be one of the most sought-after examination and witnesses thousands of applications every year.

AFCAT 2: Important Information

Before listing down the essential AFCAT 2020 preparation tips, here are some important details:

Mode of Exam Online
Maximum Marks 300
Duration 2 hours
Last Date of Application [tentative] 14th July 2020 [tentative]
Date of Exam [tentative] 19th/20 September 2020 [tentative]
Marking Scheme 3 for Correct Answer

-1 for Incorrect Answer

AFCAT 2020 Preparation Tips: Syllabus

Here’s a look at the syllabus which will help you in not only buying the right AFCAT preparation material but also how to develop your all-important AFCAT preparation time table.

General Awareness Current Affairs, Politics, History, Geography, Environment, Defence-related developments, Basic Scientific Awareness, etc.
English Grammar, Comprehension, Sentence Completion, Word Fillings, Error Detection, Vocabulary, etc.
Reasoning & Military Aptitude Test Pattern Completion, Venn Diagram, Blood Relation, Missing Figures, Coding and Decoding, Sequences, Analogy, etc.
Numerical Ability Ration and Proportion, Profit and Loss, Decimal, Fraction, Number System, Percentage, Time and Work, Average, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Time and Work, Speed and Distance, etc

Note: Applicants choosing for Ground Duty [Technical] are required to appear for an additional Engineering Knowledge Test [EKT]. This is a 50-question technical aptitude test and has maximum marks of 150.

AFCAT 2020 Preparation Tips: General Awareness

Here are a few tricks that will help you nail the General Awareness section.

  • Develop a Time Table that suits you

As much as it is taxing to make and stick to a routine, a carefully curated AFCAT preparation time table will help you in breaking your day into small portions of prep hours. Remember, make your routine, devote more hours to your weak areas and practice your strong points regularly.

  • Make Newspapers & Magazines your Friend

National dailies like Indian Express and The Hindu and competitive exams magazines are storehouses of information. By reading them on a regular basis, you can boost your General Awareness as well as memory power which helps you immensely on the day of your exam.

  • Brush up your Sciences Thoroughly

Physics, Chemistry and Biology can be pretty straightforward if you are aware of the concept. Refer to NCERT as well as relevant AFCAT preparation books while preparing.

AFCAT 2020 Preparation Tips: English

The English section can be a real problem for many applicants. Fret not, include the following tips in your study plan and increase your scoring potential.

  • Grammar is Fundamental

English grammar is the key to this section. Work on your grammar aptitude like tenses, voices, verb forms, articles, prepositions etc. This becomes vital in solving questions on sentence completion, error detection and others. Use only Prominent AFCAT preparation books on English such as Wren & Martin for reference.

  • Vocabulary Learning is a Daily Activity

Make a list of 10-20 words daily as part of your AFCAT preparation time table and learn not only their meanings but also their synonyms and antonyms. Further, learn using tricks like making anagrams and short cuts. Revise words of previous two days daily and create games for yourself so that you can remember better.

  • For Comprehension, Practice Diversely

To score on reading comprehensions, practice from as diverse passages as you can include scientific, literary, art and culture related, issues-based and much more. This will introduce you to a wide variety of questions and also help you tackle them effectively. Refer to quality English AFCAT preparation material in order to practice on diverse passages.

AFCAT 2020 Preparation Tips: Numerical Ability

This section on Numerical Ability can be a high scoring one. Read on to know-how.

  • Focus more on Logic, Formulae will follow

While memorising formulae is advised, problems are increasingly becoming logic-based requiring students to apply their solving power to get to the correct answer. While you are doing your AFCAT preparation online, you can find questions that may involve multiple formulae at a time. But if your logic is solid, you won’t face any problem.

  • First Accuracy, then Speed

Getting to the right answer holds more importance than solving the question in a hurry. So, first, focus on arriving at the right answers. Then, move to getting the right answers in less than the time allotted.

  • Develop your own Tricks

There are millions of shorthand tricks you can use to ease your calculations. Also, you may stumble upon a few tricks yourself like which questions to attempt first, etc. You can also refer to AFCAT preparation online blogs and pages for such tricks.

AFCAT 2020 Preparation Tips: Reasoning & Military Aptitude Test

This section is unique to the AFCAT 2020 exam and tests your reasoning, visualization and problem-solving skills.

  • Use Elimination Technique

The most prominent AFCAT preparation material prescribe the elimination method as one of the most helpful tools to ease calculations and save some valued time.

  • Time Management is Essential

In reasoning questions, you tend to be lost. During your AFCAT preparation online or offline, dedicate a fixed number of minutes to a particular question and move on if you arrive at the correct answer or not. MOVE ON. A good AFCAT preparation time table will help you with time management as well.

  • Check for the Latest AFCAT preparation material

Always check for mock papers/sample papers/syllabus updates from the latest and trusted AFCAT preparation books to be on top of your preparation. Take full length as well as short section based tests on AFCAT preparation online to evaluate your training and to know where you stand.

Your AFCAT preparation books are your weapons and to wield it properly you must develop a habit of practising daily. Moreover, applicants must understand that the exam is test of your skills of patience, dedication and perseverance as well. Remember, a few small steps everyday will take you to your success.


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