Tirth Munka & Shrishti Munka will be Seen in Many Bollywood Projects in 2020

Success is not easy to get, and it is even tough to continue. We came across one rising talent Shrishti Munka a girl from Munka done fashion designing from London and become one of the best designers of India. Her journey can be an inspiration for many, as she has worked hard to achieve success in her life.

Shrishti Munka is very close to her mom and right from her childhood she wanted to help her mom. Passion for fashion comes from her mom. Shrishti has given her work to top B-town celebs, and TV celebs and some are her regular clients for every function.

Shrishti had seen a tough time in her life when she was young; she never gave up her hope and always dreamed high in life in every field she tried. Fashion designing to singing and now acting, she has proved that she is the best suitable one for any given task.

Her creative has always created hype in the fashion world, and many don’t know that she is a fabulous singer and performer too. We will see her in albums in 2020 if things go according to her plan. Many of TV celebs believe when you will hear Shrishti singing and performing, you will definitely become her fan.

Other than fashion designing and singing, she also wanted to become one of the lead actresses in Bollywood, and she has already signed a few projects with renowned directors. All his Movie projects will come in 2020. It means 2020 will be a fortune changing year for Shrishti Munka.

Shrishti’s brother Tirth too is heading towards Bollywood in 2020 as talks are on with top production house. We will definitely see 14-year child actor become a nextgen superstar actor of Bollywood as Tirth has that talent in him like his elder sister Shrishti.

Shrishti and Tirth are a perfect example of how to work hard for your dreams and make your family proud. Shrishti and Tirth Munka always wanted to be part of Bollywood, and both Sister and brother wanted to make her Mom and Dad satisfied with their work in B-town.


Ajay Deep

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