Top 3 Best Dice Games To Try This 2021

If you’re a dice games fan, then the top 3 best dice games are something that will interest you. Naturally, there are many kinds of dice games that you’ll come across. All of them will vie you different kinds of rules and entertain you in a different way. Your personal choice matters when it comes to picking out a dice game to play. But you can also do some research to find the best dice game for you. In that regard, here are 3 dice games that you can enjoy:


Craps is one of the oldest kinds of games that has remained popular throughout the years. It’s a simple game that’s played with just 2 dice. Its simplicity is what makes it so popular. As a popular casino game, it’s featured at several casino sites. You can find craps at a variety of online casinos. The main thing about it and other casino games are to enjoy them responsibly.  


This is another popular dice game that you can play. Yahtzee has made a name for itself as an entertaining game which is why it deserves a spot on this list. The point of the game is to roll 5 dice and get specific combos. By doing so you get points and you advance in the game. Each player has the ability to roll dice up to 3 times to get the combination they want. Finally, the one that has the most points wins. 

Yahtzee has 13 rounds per one game but the game can take much longer than that. If you’re looking to win an amazing 50 points in the game then you can get 5 of the same number with a roll. This is known as a Yahtzee and it’s the top move in the game.

Liar’s Dice

In this game, you roll the dice secretly and you keep the outcome to yourself. You also bet that there’s a certain number on the table among other players. If someone’s challenged then the player needs to reveal their dice. This is one way to expose a liar, hence the name of the game.


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