Traffic Police in Delhi Will Soon Get Guns To Keep The Mischievous Elements In Control

In a bid to to eradicate violence from the streets of India’s capital, Delhi Police Commissioner has announced that traffic policemen of the Delhi city will soon get 9mm pistols at their aid. The city of Delhi has a road network of 31,000 Kilometres and various stretches on these roads are prone to criminal attacks. Providing the Delhi Traffic Police will enable the officers to function better against criminal offenders and violators. There are about 10 million cars in Delhi and the traffic police has a tough time keeping the violators under control.

Not All Delhi Traffic Pollicemen Will Be Given Pistols

Delhi Police Commissioner Amul Patnaik announced at a meeting on Monday that since there have been increasing number of attacks on the isolated Traffic Policemen in Delhi, A few officers on these stretches will be given 9mm pistols at their aid. All the officers above the rank of assistant sub inspectors and above will be given these guns. Patnaik also assured the three thousand policemen who were present at the meeting that the anti pollution masks that were given to them will be replaced from time to time. The three thousand men of the Delhi Police were also asked by the Delhi Commissioner to maintain professional conduct and solve the problems of the people pro-actively. Their behaviour and public dealing towards the citizens of Delhi was also highly emphasized.

Criminal Offences In Delhi Have Seen A Rise In Recent Past:

Delhi has been prone to many criminal offences on the roads and sometimes even Traffic Policemen have been subjected to hostility. Giving proper weaponry to the Policemen on the streets will ensure that the Traffic Police will be able to do their job better and keep the chaos under control. There have been many incidents where the Police became a target of these criminals and could not defend itself because of the absence of proper weapons. The mischievous elements of the Delhi city have always found a way to create a nuance for the traffic policemen of the city. It is nice to see that the problems of the traffic policemen of Delhi are being heard by the government.

Source: Hindustan Times


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