Travel in Italy: 6 Reasons To Visit Tuscany

Planning to visit Italy, you should visit the unforgettable Tuscany. From rolling landscapes to charming hilltops, to the gorgeous capital, Florence, this Italian gem offers a blend of the old and new age. Tuscan blue waters offer a colorful marine life for sea lovers, and for the sporty majority out there, the beaches have great facilities for exploring the waters.

The question that any potential visitor would pose is, “Where do I visit in Tuscany?” Well, this is a question with many answers, but I will narrow it down to six reasons why you should visit Tuscany.

1. Florence

Florence is among the world’s top destinations for art. This treasured city once hosted Da Vinci, Botticelli, and Michelangelo, who through art have shaken the world with their contemporary works. That trend is not ending anytime soon as master painters of Florence continue to flourish today with the new embracing the tradition and generating more arty and innovative pieces that narrate the story of the Cradle of Renaissance. Florence is for lovers of art who get to Galleria dell’Accademia and view the famous Michelangelo’s David. Uffizi Gallery is also open for exclusive works of Botticelli and the great Da Vinci.

2. Cuisine

From the delicious pasta to the Papa al Pomodoro, not leaving out Bisteca alla Fiorentina, Tuscany is a palette delightful cuisine. Tuscan cookery is remarkable and the healthy fact is that it is primarily based on local ingredients found around Tuscany such as tomatoes, pork, bread, and pasta. If you are undecided on what Tuscan food to try out, the gelato, invented in Florence is a lip smacker. Fortunately, the region has a range of unique foods like handmade spaghetti, cannellini beans, and ribolleta that would excite almost anyone.

3. Wine

Ask a genuine wine lover and he/she will confess that Tuscany is regarded as one of the top wine destinations in the world. The larger Tuscan region houses several wine areas each boasting uniqueness in terms of grapes and traditions. It doesn’t matter if all you know is to differentiate white from red wine, the time you get to a Tuscan winery you’ll develop candid passion as well as more detailed opinions. Tuscany wine is the kind of wine that tempts you to drink more and more as the sweetness is almost impossible to ignore. Taking a wine tour in any farm will offer you the benefit of the firsthand learning approach.

4. Ancient hilltop Hamlets

Pienza and San Gimignano are UNESCO world heritage sites where you get to discover ancient history. Plenty of unique villages are situated on top of a hill making the place an exciting experience a number of generations down the line. The locals have a big heart and are willing to welcome you in their homes and share whatever indigenous knowledge since the beginning of time.

5. Saturnia: Cascate del Mulino

Cascate del Mulino, Maremma is one of Tuscan’s best-kept secret. The renowned spa complex, together with the waterfalls are hard to resist. My favorite part is that entry is free and the package comprises soaking in naturally engraved rock wells with the harmonious sound of waterfalls behind you. All these happenings is courtesy of a picturesque spectacle of the Tuscan countryside. For anyone who has been to Cascate del Mulino, the waterfalls are an instant addiction. The waters are extremely welcoming together with the attractive landscape of the Tuscan area.

6.Tuscan Villas

Securing villas is flawless thanks to tuscany villa luxury services by Tuscany Now & More. The company ensures trust, comfort, and ease during your stay in Italy. As much as many companies would assume the importance of honest inspection in every property, Tuscany Now & More comprises a team of experts who follow the rules, which usually surprises and delights customers from every corner of the world. The company is here to help you get the best accommodation that would surpass client expectations.

The Tuscan adventure is on another level. Adventure lovers can go for a hike in the mountains, rent a Vespa and explore the countryside, relax in natural springs, take a hot-air balloon ride, go scuba diving, or try a hand in paragliding. Whatever you try in Tuscany, there is some charm that usually tags along the process.


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