TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter To Hit Indian Roads Soon | Check Price & Launch Date

TVS Motor Company is all set to launch the TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter in 2017 for Indian market soon. Working tirelessly on the concept of  TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter in developing its design, executing its manufacturing and launching in 2017, the two wheeler manufacturer has revealad details about its new expecting baby of  TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter for Indian sub-continent in 2017. Tech enthusiasts can check the latest updates, specifications, launch date and more details about the upcoming  TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter here.

TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter | Launch in India in 2017

The upcoming launch of  TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter is expected to be occurring in December 2017 this year for Indian markets. The commercial use and availability shall take some more time and is expected to hit the Indian roads by March 2018. TVS Motor company proudly announced the confirmation of the rumoured electric scooter which the company’s design team has been actively working on for about past six years. Putting all these years of efforts to practicality of life, the  TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter is an indeed an innovative concept towards the sustainable future simultaneously taking care of the Indian market and buyers.

The company’s futuristic vision and short term goals that have been devised along with the  TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter aims at making the market share of atleast 20% by the year of 2020.

TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter | Specifications & Details

The all new TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter as the name suggests is a hybrid variety of a fuel variant and an electric version of an automobile. Bridging the gap of sustainable future along with the present demand and economics of the automobile sector, the hybrid version was the only sustainable way to resort to by the TVS Motor Company in India.

TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter shall run on both the petrol as well as on an electric battery made of Lithium. The fuel energy had to be included in the design due to high initial cost of investment required by the lithium batteries having the shelf of battery equivalent to the life of an automobile, a fact simply amazing indeed, isn’t it?

Innovative Concept With TVS Electric Scooter, Price in India

With the ever evolving societal needs and changing current times, innovation is the only key to success. Realising this very jargon, introduction of TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter is a great initiative taken up by the automobile giant.  The hybrid variety of this variant in the form of TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter had to be resorted to due to poor infrastructural facilities available in the present times in terms of charging stations, high initial cost of investment and poor R&D in the sector. Though no revelations have been made regarding the price of the TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter in India, one has to wait till its launch in December 2017 to get to these details.

Moreover, realising that the sector can only reach greater heights after breaking ice of saturation is through penetrating through the smaller cities. Realising that their potential markets can lie outside the bigger cities and entering the rural India, the TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter shall hit the Indian roads soon with such a great vision.

Can’t wait to see this hybrid two wheeler beauty of rocking the TVS Hybrid Electric Scooter Indian roads !!!

Source : FinancialExpress


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