Two Teenagers Drown In Panchkula Reservoir | This Is Shocking, Read Full Story

Two teenage boys drowned in a reservoir in Panchkula. It was reported that the teenagers were taking bath in the reservoir when they drowned. The two teenager boys were taking bath in the reservoir which is part of the HSVP-managed water treatment plant in Panchkula. The Haryana Shehari Vikas Pradhikaran managed treatment plant is located at Chonki area in Panchkula.

Two Teenage boys drowned in Panchkula reservoir 

The teenage boys who drowned in the reservoir in Panchkula have been identified Tushar and Jatin. While Tushar was 13-year-old, Jatin was reported to be 14-year-old. Both the boys were students of the Government High School, Bhirghaggar and were residing in the Bhirghaggar village of Panchkula with their families.

According to the report, family members of the victims – Tushar and Jatin, have stated that both the teenagers had gone to the reservoir to take a bath. The members also stated that they had just reached home after their exams and immediately rushed towards the reservoir to take bath. One of the members of the family had also revealed that the duo had gone with three other boys. The report mentions that there were five children who went together to take bath in the reservoir. All these kids were from the same village.

The police have also stated that the victims were among the group of children who had gone to the reservoir to take a bath.

Statements of the eyewitnesses

The fellow children who accompanied the duo to the reservoir in Panchkula to take bath witnessed the whole incident. The fellow teenagers were so terrified that they rushed back to their homes to narrate the whole scene to their parents. The villagers revealed that the scared kids came running to inform about the incident. It was reported that villagers had gathered for a wedding in the village. The moment the news broke, everyone rushed towards the reservoir to save the teenagers. The bodies of both the boys were fished out of the pond and were rushed to the Panchkula Civil Hospital.

This is what the postmortem revealed

According to the Doctors, Jatin was declared as ‘brought dead’, while Tushar died at the hospital. The reservoir in Panchkula is few kilometres away from the village and a warning board has already been put up near the HSVP-managed water treatment plant in Panchkula.
The post-mortem of the duo revealed that Tushar succumbed in the hospital while Jatin was declared brought dead by the doctors.

Source: Indian Express


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