And Now, The United Nations (UN) Will Help Punjab Government To Tackle Drugs Issue

The drug problem in Punjab is all set to be finished very soon. The Congress government in Punjab promised to finish the drug problem if they come in power and they are doing the same. The Punjab government will be offered assistance by the UNODC (The United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime) in dealing with the drug problem in Punjab.

The officials of UNODC on Friday said that an appointment has been fixed with Amarinder Singh, the chief minister of Punjab and the Punjab government’s response is positive. As per the sources, UNODC’s South Asia Representative said that they have contacted the new Congress government in Punjab regarding the drug issue.

Punjab Can Be A Role Model State

UNODC’s South Asia Representative said that the state has a huge potential and can become a model state for India and also South Asia. He said that they are ready to abolish drugs from Punjab. He further that the drug problem in the state is very serious and also said that a balanced model would work well for Punjab.

This would not only help in controlling drug supply but would also help in reducing the drug demand. The UNODC’s South Asia Representative said that would be offering an awareness package on prevention which would be called as “Listen First”. The motive of the awareness package “Listen First” would be that the parents must listen to the needs of their children and should aim to promote safety and protection for their children.

Awareness Programs To Tackle Drugs In Punjab

UNODC’S South Asia Representative also said that UNODC has collected evidence on the basis of family skills programmes. These programmes have proven to improve the healthy parent/child attachment, effective discipline, the involvement of parents in a child’s life, parents’ supervision, supportive parents and also an organised environment in the family. All these factors are very important to prevent the drug use and risky behaviours like violence.

UNODC can provide a solid capacity building programme package for the law enforcement officers through eLearning to Punjab.UNODC will be setting up a computer based training which will be helping police officers to counter and abolish drug trafficking in the state.

Training Packages Which Can Be Offered By The UNODC

The UNODC can offer a training package for criminal justice officers and law enforcement on pharmaceutical preparations having narcotic drugs psychotropic substances, the rise of Internet which has also resulted in drug trafficking call Darknets.

The UNODC can also share training sessions and knowledge tools base on treatment and rehabilitation for all those who are addicted to drugs. The UNODC officials feel that the drug addicts should be offered an attractive treatment in Punjab because if the treatment is not attractive then the patient will not go to any health facility.

Source: Indian Express

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