UPSC accused of Non-Transparency | Civil Services Aspirants Go to Supreme Court for Justice & Here’s Why

Afte the UPSC [Union Public Service Commission] civil services preliminary exam was conducted for 2017, the aspirants have been very patient with the board for the updates. In UPSC civil services preliminary exam 2017, a total of 4,62,000 candidates appeared which was held on 18th June 2017. In light of recent flashes of the news, the UPSC has been accused of non-transparency, framing ambiguous and incoherent questions.

UPSC Dragged to Court For Non-Transparency | Know Why

A batch of civil service aspirants who appeared for the prelims 2017 held on 18th June 2017 from across the country have dragged the UPSC board to court, charging them with the non-transparency charge accompanied with the charge of incoherent questions and framing ambiguous.

The petition against UPSC has been filed by the total of 56 students who appeared for the prelims this year for the Civil services. Students claimed that there were several questions in the exam that were equivocal having two or more equally plausible answers. In the petition, these students have mentioned 4 of these questions. Also, in the petition, the students have also shown their concern with the answer key that was released for the Civil Preliminary exam 2017 conducted by UPSC. In this regard, they have further elaborated the issue that the answer key only contains one answer for these ambiguous questions.

The writ petition, filed by Vishal Rathi and 55 other students, submitted that several of the questions were ambiguous with at least two or more equally plausible answers. The students illustrated their predicament with four of such questions, one of them being “whether the right to vote and be elected is a fundamental right or a natural right or a constitutional right or a legal right.” They referred to texts and past judgments to point out that some say it is a legal right while others describe it as a constitutional right.

Another Raising Concern | Answer Key Not Disclosed 

In the petition files by 56 students against UPSC in the Supreme Court another issue declared is that the answer key to the exam has not be disclosed by the UPSC. Also, from many years the answer key of the exams is always released at the end of the complete selection process that is not what UPSC promised for.

With this petition against UPSC, students have demanded the full disclosure of the answer key and the merit list of the Civil Preliminary Exam 2017.

Source – The Hindu


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