UPSC Declares Civil Services (IAS) Examination 2016 Results | Girls Outshine Boys

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has declared the results of Civil Services Examination i.e. IAS Examination of 2016 on Wednesday via their online portal. The results of the most sought after examination landing aspirants into prestigious jobs of being IAS officers of the country, UPSC’s IAS 2016 results are out and one can check his result of the same online. A detailed list of candidates who qualified for the IAS 2016 conducted by UPSC has been put up online for everyone to access.

UPSC Declares Civil Services (IAS) Examination 2016 Results

The most sought after examination which is an annual affair finds the result of 2016 UPSC IAS Examinations out this Wednesday via their online portal. It takes years of toil and thorough preparation to crack the most difficult examination the country has, Yes we are talking about UPSC Civil Services Examination result of whose of 2016 batch is out bringing a sigh of relief to many.

Leading to mushrooming growth of many centres who impart coaching for the same, we ask IAS 2016 toppers who dared to appear for the UPSC Civil Services examination last year and coming out with flying colours in the exam.

UPSC IAS Exam 2016 Results : Karnatka Girl Tops the Exam

Well, girls have outshined boys this year, be it any exam. Ranging from CBSE to UPSC IAS Exam, they have left no stone un-turned to carve a niche for themselves in terms of topping the All-India level examinations with utmost humility that one gets amazed by looking at the results. Here are the toppers of UPSC IAS 2016 Examination those ‘who willed and dared and succeeded.’

  • Karnatka Girl, Nandini KR, nails it by bagging the First Position in UPSC IAS 2016 examination
  • Anmol Sher Singh Bedi hailing from Amritsar, Punjab has secured the Second Rank in the exam
  • Third Rank secured by Gopalakrishna Ronanki from Andhra Pradesh is a teacher by profession
  • Allahabad Girl, Saumya Pandey is no less and gets Fourth Rank in the UPSC IAS 2016 Exam

UPSC IAS Examination : 1099 Candidates IN !

Well, all we talk about is toppers!  Who wouldn’t for the prestige they earn for the effort they have been doing all these years. But, UPSC ain’t unfair as it selects 1099 candidates for recruitment into various posts of IAS, IFS etc. into the governmental departments in India. Serving their nation with pride, that is what drives these candidates hired by UPSC via IAS examinations.

We wish all such candidates all the very best and many many congratulations encore for they deserve applause! Also, aspiring ones to look upto them, because if they can! Even You Can!

Source : IndiaToday

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