What Are The Best Deals on The Betting Market in India?

Betting deals are meant to attract more players to any betting site. There are different types of offers and deals made by betting sites so that more players can join the platform. Indian betting sites are also using the same strategies and deals to make their sites more lucrative for the players.

Best Deals on Betting Market in India

With these deals and discounts, online betting is more fun. But you need to choose the trusted and secure Online Betting review sites that offer real and authentic insights about the famous betting sites in India.

We have listed all such betting deals, coupons, and offers in this article. Make sure to check the reviews and details about the betting site that you are going to choose for your next bet.

1. Indian Premier League (IPL) Cashback Offers

There are various Indian Premier League (IPL) sites that are running cashback offers on all their player’s bets. All you need to do is to deposit money on your account and place the bets on any of the IPL matches. A percentage of your bet amount will be given back as cashback.

You can use the same money to place more bets and earn more cashback points using these cashback deals. This offer is applicable only for new players signing up with any of the above-mentioned sites and placing their first bet on any IPL match.

2. Cricket Coupons

Cricket is the most followed sport in India and a good number of betting sites offer coupons on every cricket match. You can get discounts on specific players or teams or you can get cashback points when you place your bets with these sites.

The coupons are valid for a limited time period so you need to use them as soon as possible to avail maximum benefits.

3. Daily Deals

Daily deals are meant for new players only, who have signed up with any of the above-mentioned betting sites before a particular date. There are various types of deals available like cashback, Rs 100 free bets, etc. The deals are valid for a few days and you will get a percentage of your first deposit as cashback.

4. Coupons Available Only on Saturdays

Most of the betting sites offer coupons to their players at various times throughout the week but the weekend is considered as a special occasion for most of the sites. You can take advantage of these deals by placing your bets before 2 pm on Saturday in most cases. You can have maximum cashback using these coupon offers as well.

5. Exclusive Offers for New Players Only

These offers are meant for new players and no one else can use them unless they sign up with a particular site. The offers include cashback, free bets, and other types of coupons that you can use to place your bets. You should be careful about the terms and conditions attached to these types of coupon deals.


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