What Are The Must-Have Apps To Increase Your Productivity?

Technology can be used both as a distraction and a means to increase productivity. If used judiciously, technology can be used to spark efficiency and productivity instead of being a productivity killer. There are plenty of productivity apps available in the app store and Google Play Store that has the power to compound the productivity level of the user. Here is a list of productivity apps that will help you to utilize every minute of the day by improving your efficiency. These productivity apps are helpful to get organized, improve habits and increase focus.

1. Todoist 

It is a task management app that helps the users to break down the complex to-do list app into manageable lists which can be fulfilled. Todoist app is helpful to create tasks and organize them to increase efficiency. The app can be used to set down the deadline depending upon the priority of the task. The app also allows the users to prioritize the task to make it easier for the users to get done with the important tasks right away. It can also be used to create project goals. For instance, if your goal is to clear a Sarkari Exam and see your name in the Sarkari Result, you can create a project goal on a similar line and list down the chapters that need to be completed. You can, of course, track these goals too. 

2. Trello 

Trello is a simple app that makes managing projects simple too. The concept of the Trello app is based on the Kanban board which allows the users to see a visual layout of the tasks that needs to be completed. Most of the users prefer to divide the tasks of different projects in the Trello app into a to-do, going and done categories to keep the progress of the team in check. Further, the Trello app allows the users to assign tasks to different team members and also, it can be used to create checklists and deadlines. The app also supports instant messaging to make it easier for the team members to stay in the loop with the progress of the project. 

3. Pocket 

If you love to read different websites and blogs, then the Pocket app is for you. The Pocket app allows the users to save different web pages which can be read by the users later. In simple terms, the Pocket app works like a bookmark which helps you to save interesting articles on the internet. 

4. Loop – Habit Tracker 

Loop is a habit tracker app that is available for Android users. If you are trying to build or quit a habit, the Loop app can prove to be extremely helpful. Using the Loop app, you can set targets for different habits that you want to do more. The habits can be made achievable by scheduling them in the app. Further, the progress of the habit that you are building can be tracked using the habit score, and the detailed graphs and statistics. One can also set reminders for different habits to ensure that you do not forget to do them. 

5. Forest 

It is one of the apps which increases productivity by many folds if used wisely. The interface of the app is beautiful and it is available for both Android and iOS. When you want to focus on a particular job without using your smartphone, you can start by planting a tree. The more you focus on using the app, the more you will be able to grow a forest. Leaving the app will kill the tree that you have planted. The app further supports customizable tags and gives reports using detailed statistics to measure your productivity. If your screen time is high and your smartphone is working as a distraction for you, the Forest app can be used for breaking the habit of it. 

6. Notion 

It is a popular alternative to Evernote and has been immensely popular since its launch. This single platform can be used to create documents and notes which can be shared with other team members if required. Further, it allows the users to create a central knowledge base where the guidelines for the different members can be noted down. Notion supports Kanban boards like Trello which makes it easier to manage projects. Further, it supports live collaboration which allows the different team members to work in real-time. 

Depending upon which section of productivity you want to increase, you can download one or more apps from the list mentioned above to increase the productivity level of you and your team members. 


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