What Happens When You’re Involved In A Road Accident In Chandigarh?

Although road accidents have been in decline in recent years, India is still top of the list of the countries with the worst road safety records in the world, according to a report by  the World Resources Institute. Even in well-planned and modern cities like Chandigarh,  road accidents are still happening regularly as a result of speeding, insufficient infrastructure, and the failure of some drivers to obey traffic laws. You can do many things to prevent an accident, but when all fails, you need to know what to do to minimize its effects on your life.
Collect as much evidence as you can 
After an accident, you need to collect as much information about it as you can so that you can explain exactly what happened to the insurance company or law enforcement agencies if needed. If you are in a position to, record witness accounts of what happened immediately after the accident when the events are still fresh in their minds, and remember to get their contact information. Take clear pictures of the scene, capturing any details that tell the story of what transpired during the accident. If you are unable to collect evidence – as a result of losing consciousness, for example – you may have to rely on police reports of the accident or footage from your dashcam if you own one.
Have a good lawyer by your side 
If you are involved in an insignificant accident with minimal damage and no injuries, chances are you won’t need a lawyer. For example, if you back into a vehicle in a parking lot, you can easily resolve the issue through your insurance company without needing legal aid. But there are times when an accident may warrant the help of a lawyer. First of all, if the accident  results in serious injuries that lead to hospitalization, broken bones or permanent changes in the injured party’s body, you’ll want to have a good attorney on your side. Also, if the cause of the accident is unclear or disputed, you need an attorney to advise you of the best way forward. In such cases, Lawyers at  FVF advise that you avoid giving statements to your insurance provider until you’ve spoken to an attorney, since they can use them to reduce or deny claims. A lawyer will help you understand your rights and options so that you can do what’s best for your financial well-being and overall health.
Have the right insurance coverage 
If you ever get involved in an accident in India, insurance is the only thing that can save you from massive financial losses if your vehicle is destroyed or if you or someone else suffers from injuries or property damage in an accident that you caused. However, you must have the right type of insurance for this to happen. One type of insurance that is required by law for all vehicle owners in Chandigarh is third party liability insurance. This type of insurance protects you from legal liabilities to third parties from injuries and property damage. Since third party liability insurance does not cover you or your vehicle, you should consider getting comprehensive insurance that covers you, your car and third parties.
No matter how good or careful you are when driving, there is always a chance that you’ll get involved in an accident every time you get on the road. You need to do everything possible to prevent accidents, but when you can’t, you must ensure that you are well prepared.


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