What Should You Do With A Scared Horse?

One of the most challenging tasks that anyone might encounter in their lives is taking care of another creature. Even though we love our furry animals like dogs and cats, there are still many difficulties involved when raising them. 

People think it is so easy because all they think it involves is feeding and giving them water. There are many nuances involved, as this website says, when there is another living creature involved, so it is crucial to be familiar with the animal. 

What happens if the animal is far more significant than you? This scenario usually happens with horses, as adults tend to weigh up to 1,000 lbs. 

In comparison, an NFL linebacker measures around 240 lbs., making a horse almost four times bigger than average. It means that you have to make a lot of effort to control the animal as much as possible. There are many techniques involved in giving them commands, but there are scenarios wherein you might not prevent them.

Fear Is Normal In Everyone

Take this as an example: you are riding the horse in the middle of a plain. There are no visible threats nearby, so you are trying to look into the horizon. Suddenly, your ride starts to flap up their ears and slow down their steps. After which, they may “neigh” a sudden sound and freeze right on the spot. Worse, they would try to turn around and run as fast as possible. The horse left you in the middle of that plain, and that’s not the worse part.

Fear and anxiety are common around animals, as they tend to be more alert about potential threats. Based on this website, https://www.holistapet.com/scared-horse/, there are many reasons why your horse might have been scared. It may have been a creature that you didn’t notice with your limited human eyes. 

There is also the possibility that another sudden noise might have startled your furry friend. Both ways, it is an everyday occurrence, and there is nothing you can do about it.

However, if it happens again, and there are no immediate threats, you might need to further look into it. The horse might have experienced a sign of equine anxiety, which is almost the same as its human equivalent. If they have shown signs of feeling fear without cause, it is already a cause for alarm. You might think that this is not a severe case and they will get over it, but they will not.

It does not seem problematic at first since the horse might act naturally afterward. However, it will get worse as time goes without dealing with it. There will be occasions that they will exhibit misdemeanor and would try to attack you. In worse cases, the animal might not let you on their backs at all. Horses who would rather stay in their stables without doing anything is detrimental to their health. 

Possible Solutions

As a pet owner, you must act quickly to avoid any concern regarding their development. One of the many ways you can do so is through proper training. Many vets would try to analyze the situation first and see other angles regarding your case. They might do so through observation or getting samples from their body to explore in a lab. If there is no different conclusion other than anxiety, then training must begin immediately.

There are some other ways introduced by the modern world to tackle this issue. Cannabidiol or CBD is an infamous compound found within cannabis and hemp. It is a beneficial compound in maintaining a healthy psyche for humans and lessening the symptoms of anxiety. 

As horses are also mammals, they have similar structures in the neural pathways, making it easier for CBD to take effect. There are many products available for animals these days, with some focusing more on equine health.

However, other veterinarians warn about the misuse of CBD. Even though it is helpful, many people do not know how to use it properly. From the proper dosage to administration, there are a lot of things that you need to research yourself first. Talking to your vet may help you with it, and they might give you sound advice on its possible benefits and risks. 


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