Who should do a Master’s in Engineering Management?

Are you unable to decide between an MBA and engineering? A master’s in engineering management degree works like an intersection between managing skills and engineering practice, making it necessary for professionals working on complex technical projects.

 In that case, it is crucial to understand engineering management and why it is worth it.

What is Engineering Management?

MEM stands for “Master’s in Engineering Management.” This degree is created for engineering graduates who want to learn how to connect engineering, technology, and management. 

The course is mostly about managing and improving the results of engineering processes by using tools for enterprise management. 

As the name suggests, it is only for students with a background in engineering and who can handle the technical aspects of the course. 

Who should pursue the Engineering Management Degree?

Firstly to start with the obvious, an engineer requires technical knowledge, but at the same time, it also requires skills to manage teams. So, if you already have a solid technical background but want to diversify into managerial roles, then engineering management certification is the right course. 

Since the two occupations demand unique skill sets, engineers pursuing leadership or executive positions cannot usually make a move to managerial positions without specific training and education.

Engineers contemplating a career in management and supervision should know that successfully guiding people through technically challenging projects requires soft and interpersonal skills to navigate the teams to do their best.

An engineering management degree will assist managers in being all-rounder in project management, research, product development, etc., while increasing their potential to earn higher salaries.

Qualifications required to enroll in Engineering Management Course

A Master in Engineering Management is the best option for your career if you are:

  • An engineering graduate 
  • Someone interested in pursuing technology management or business.
  • Someone who is looking for an MBA substitute.

Also, the eligibility criteria for enrolling in a course are:

  1. First, two years of work experience are required to register in MEM.
  2. A bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science, with at least a 50% score
  3. Letter of recommendation

Why choose a Master’s in Engineering Management Degree?

  1. Better than MBA: Comparing a MEM to an MBA involves comparing two highly rated courses but will teach you management and leadership. A degree in engineering management makes you marketable to IT companies. MEM programs need a graduate STEM degree. Since MBA students are non-technical, a MEM degree has an added advantage.
  2. Specialization In Management: Managers in engineering who are good at their jobs and can teach and motivate technical staff. A Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree broadens and deepens your critical thinking, science, and engineering skills while also broadening and deepening your management skills. In the complicated technical situations of today, you’ll need this mix of skills to do well.

Job opportunities after getting a Master’s in Engineering Management 

There are plenty of lucrative job opportunities after graduation. Here are some of the most successful careers in engineering:

  • Engineering Project Manager

You will be responsible for the planning and supervision of all design engineers, technical engineers, and drafters, as well as the overall management of specific projects. In addition, each project you undertake will need you to analyze and approve modifications that influence the budget and timeline.

  • Construction Management Engineer

A construction management engineer, also called a site engineer or a construction manager, ensures that building projects are finished well. You will also need to estimate and plan the costs for each task and make sure your team works well together.

  • Industrial Management Engineer

Industrial engineering management includes designing, improving, installing, and managing systems of people, materials, and equipment that work together. Some jobs are to approve supplies and labor, look at costs, ensure projects are done well, and help employees.

Salary after Engineering Management Degree

An average salary of a product engineer is $93 389, according to Glassdoor. 

However, candidates with more experience can expect to get paid more.

Which is the right university to study Masters in Engineering Management?

In the past few years, online degree programs have become increasingly popular because they allow students to get their degrees from anywhere in the world without needing a visa or to travel.

Also, there are more online universities than ever before, so you can get an education that is just as good as any on-campus school.

You can opt for Simplilearn’s IU Master in Engineering Management program, where you can explore topics like Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) to prepare for the engineering industry’s challenges.

The program will cover skills like

  • Product development
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • International marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Manufacturing

An online degree is the best option if you have to work or have family obligations that make it hard for you to get to and from campus. You have complete freedom over where and when you study, so you can keep working full-time and finish your degree reasonably.

Learners with IU login information can get online help from IU anytime. Learners can also contact Simplilearn if they need to by filling out a form on the website for help or support. 

Other popular universities for Masters in Engineering Management

  1. University Of Bath, UK
  2. Northwestern University, USA
  3. University of Ottawa, Canada
  4. Dartmouth College, USA
  5. University of Leeds, UK

Some of the prestigious universities above offer master’s in engineering management programs. These universities develop a deep understanding of engineering and technology leadership concepts while gaining the skills and knowledge of business, operations, and strategy to apply in an engineering setting.

Also, the best places for international students to study for a Master in Engineering Management are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Germany.

Companies and organizations in various fields want to hire qualified engineers. Those with strong leadership and management skills are even more in demand.

With a degree in engineering management, you can combine your technical skills with brilliant business sense, good leadership, and good communication skills with others, making you a highly sought-after candidate worldwide.

Engineers who want to improve their management skills and bridge the gap between technology, management, and engineering should get a degree in Engineering Management. With a master’s degree in engineering management, you can look at problems in complex, changing systems from a bigger picture. It will also help you get better at being technical and in charge.


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