Will ETH no longer follow BTC?

The foremost cryptocurrencies that are leading the way for other crypto assets are none other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The influence of these two cryptocurrencies on the market is so large that the positive as well as negative aspects of a certain crypto market are decided based on their market fluctuations. The invention of Ethereum was made based on the popularity of bitcoin and in literal terms was its competitor. The protocols and blockchain development of Ethereum are in great connection to Bitcoin and thus it is sometimes assumed that Ethereum follows in the footsteps of Bitcoin itself. But this is not true. As time is passing by, Ethereum has made its image and position in the digital market. In this article, we will discuss the odds that Ethereum will follow in contrast to following the usual BTC terms and conditions. In order to see more, you can visit Immediate Bitcoin .

Weakening the connection

The relationship between Bitcoin and Ethereum is comparable at some points. But, at some considerable points, the same cannot be compared at all. As Ethereum was developed in the form of an advancement of Bitcoin. So, in addition to the qualities of Bitcoin, it has some special features of its own. These features make a considerable difference between the two and are studied with keen interest. The foremost factor is the ability of the Ethereum blockchain platform to perform the tasks associated with decentralized applications and various forms of smart contracts.   

Another factor that marks the differentiation between the two is the scope and reach of market consumers. The hedging makes a potential difference between the two as the market enthusiasts are no longer interested in Bitcoin only. They are seeking another potential source of investment and they already have found the option in the form of Ethereum. This has led the crypto market giants, that is bitcoin and Ethereum to lose the old correlation between the two. The market conditions other than the above two are also supporting the same and thus the results are quite evident.

The downfall in the relations

The present market condition of Bitcoin is not hidden from any investor. The bitcoin market is falling and there is no limit in the crypto market for any crypto asset to fall. Any crypto asset that is at the top can be at the bottom the next second or scaling a new peak the second. When Bitcoin is making such a downfall, another potential crypto asset that is ethereum is flourishing and booming in its rates as well as market shares. According to the studies made by market enthusiasts, it was seen that the audience has developed a keen interest in Ethereum when the price of bitcoin fell. This is all due to the advanced features of the Ethereum blockchain and the facilities for developing new features in the form of smart contracts decentralized applications. This is also supported by the truth of the hand of Ethereum in the NFT market too. Technologies are advancing and making positive sides. 


In summation, we can conclude by saying that Bitcoin and Ethereum which were competitors in the past remain the same in the present time as well. The market is on the negative side for bitcoin currently, but the market conditions and previous experiences of the enthusiasts are saying that this will be only for some time and the prices will be on the higher side soon. On the other hand, Ethereum till then is enjoying the fate of the next market gains but adding several users with every day passing by making the correlation between the two a thing of the past!


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