Winter Has Arrived: What to Do if Your Flight Is Canceled

Winter brings us not only wonderful holidays but also tougher weather conditions. No sooner had 2023 begun than snow, ice, and low temperatures provoked by a winter storm, forced the suspension of all domestic flights throughout the United States. In light of these developments, it is important to be prepared for flight delays and cancellations. In our article, you will find some tips on how to get to your destination despite unexpected schedule changes.

Check Airlines Flight Cancellation Policies

In most flight cancellations, you are entitled to a full refund, but different airlines may have diverse cancellation policies. Check out the return policy on the airline’s website. As a rule, passengers are offered to:

  • Transfer to a later flight;
  • Receive a full refund of the cost of the tickets;
  • Receive a voucher from the airline to purchase airline tickets.

If you had a long flight, such as Lax to Guangzhou, with several transfers, you must be reimbursed for the unused portion of the flight.

Check the Nearest Flights in Your Direction

Finding seats on your next flight can be tricky, so look for tickets on another carrier’s or connecting flights while you’re queuing at the agent counter. So you will understand which option will be the simplest and most suitable for your specific situation.

You can also try contacting your airline support or the agency where you purchased your tickets. Perhaps, this will resolve the issue faster than waiting in your queue at the airline counter.

Rent а Hotel Room

If you realize that you risk spending the night at the airport, it is better to book a hotel nearby, as you are required to reimburse the cost. Some companies, such as Delta, have their chains of hotels and accommodate passengers there. If you are flying with another carrier, then hurry up — in the event of large-scale flight cancellations, the numbers are quickly sorted out.


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