WWE Superstar John Cena Sued By Ford For Selling his 2017 Ford GT Super Car

This is weird to listen that John Cena sued by the Ford for selling his own car. But it is True, WWE Superstar John Cena sued by Ford for selling is own Car Ford GT 2017. Ford Motors had sued WWE Wrestler John Cena for selling his own supercar Ford GT 2017. But why, Why Ford Sued John Cena, Can’t he Sell his own car? Well, the answer, in this case, is No. John Cena can’t sell his Supercar Ford GT 2017 to anyone for next 2 years (from the date of purchase). Here are the full details, What Happens and Why John Cena can’t sell his Super Car Ford GT 2017. Check it out.

Why Ford Sued WWE SuperStar John Cena?

The car sold by John Cena is Ford GT 2017 and this is the limited edition of the Ford GT 2017. On 23rd September John Cena Bought the car Ford GT 2017 and on October 20th he sold the car. John Cena doesn’t own car for a single month and resale it.

The Limited Edition of Ford GT 2017 comes with an agreement and in the agreement, it is clearly written that the owner of Ford GT 2017 will not sell the car to a third person or resell the car to any other for at least 24 months. John Cena signed the agreement at the time of purchasing the Ford GT 2017. John Cena sold his own Ford GT 2017 for a big profit and in this way he breaks the agreement.

When it comes to Super Cars, the buyers will sell the cars at a huge profit. For example when the car is rare and comes with Limited Edition then there are many buyers that want to buy the new car but unfortunately not be able to buy the cars because it is limited. Buyers of Limited Edition Super Cars sell their cars at a high price as compared to the real price and earn a huge profit. So to stop this an agreement is signed by the owner & company’s which clearly states that the owner of Car can’t sell his/her car for a limited time. And in case of John Cena and his Ford GT 2017 car the time was 24 months and he sold the car within a month.

Source – AFR



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