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Two days back Xiaomi announced the MIUI 9 version. As of now MIUI 8 is running on all Xiaomi phones in India. MIUI 9 based first phone is Xiaomi Mi 5X. After the launch of Mi 5X, Xioami announced the launch of MIUI 9 for all phones. As of now MIUI 9 is only available for Xiaomi phones in China. But everything is set for the update of MIUI 8 to MIUI 9. Xiaomi has released the date when the MIUI 9 will be available for all phones.

6 new features in MIUI 9 to Look On

Dynamic Resource Allocation: MIUI 9 is the operating system of Xiaomi phones. it is the custom Android layer. MIUI 9 comes with a feature called as ‘Dynamic Resource Allocation’. This feature will give first priority to system apps. This feature will help to give better application stability and performance.

Smart Assistant: In the new update of MIUI, a new feature is introduced by Xiaomi called the Smart Assistant. This Smart Assistant is similar to Google Assistant. The functions of Smart Assistant are similar to Google Assistant like searching anything(photo, videos etc.), Opening links and websites.

Smart App launcher: Another feature of MIUI 9 is its Smart App Launcher. With this Feature, it is easy to launch an app based on the content that is displayed on the phone screen. For example – It can automatically launch maps application if a user wants to search any address.

Depth Screen Feature: This feature will let you sort hundreds of photos in a way on Xiaomi phones. And you can easily sort all photos based on locations.

Advanced Word Search: This feature in MIUI 9 is also an important feature. with this feature, the user can easily analyze every word and after that can use intelligent word segmentation technique.

Accelerate Apps Feature: With this feature in MIUI 9, it will become easy to open apps. This is in comparison of feature available in Galaxy S8 and Huawei P10.

All phones of Xiaomi will get an update of MIUI 9 in September. All Xioami Phones which are available in India will get MIUI 9 update in September.

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