Zayn, Wasim, Nazim – All Set to Make Their Debut in a Web Series Named “The Parallel World”

What is more thrilling for fans of such a well known You Tubers, when they came to know about their debut in a web series! Well, boys from Moradabad with such a huge fan following and successful YouTube journey is all set to make their debut in a web series on their own production named ‘The Parallel World’ to be filmed in Dubai.

Zayn Saifi, Wasim Ahmad and Nazim Ahmed the eminent YouTubers with 9 Million subscribers on their YouTube channel named “Round2hell”, a complete package of laughter and entertainment presenting their amazing stand-up comedy and acting skills.

They started their YouTube journey in the year 2016 and on the foundation of crystal presentation of skills and talent they made it to 9 Million without any female appearance that’s what make their channel unique. Now holding 2 Silver play button, 1Gold button and diamond on the way, they are getting fruitful results. Faced a lot of criticism in the intial stage of their career ,without any family support, pure skills they have come a long way and is still has to go miles,for that they have their future plans as to be one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube in India and want to work in Bollywood series and Netflix as well.

All of them are working together since years and recently had a wonderful expression on YouTube FanFest stage, 2019. From spreading smiles to winning hearts this trio is an exemplary paradigm for the youth of our country.
The message coveyed by them:-
“Never give up, hard work is the only key to success in every niche and education is must”.Thus wishing them and their team Good luck.


Ajay Deep

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