5 must-do’s for preparing for any competitive engineering exams in India

It’s not just about scanning through previous year question papers when it comes to preparing for a competitive engineering examination in India. It goes well beyond that although previous year question papers are a good way to start your preparations simultaneously while leafing through your fresh curriculum. A good place to find these papers is Vedantu. 

Here are some tips for you to prepare for a competitive engineering examination- 

Always create your own timetable: You should always build a proper timetable for your examination preparation. Invest time and effort into creating this, neatly dividing days towards areas and subjects based on their weightage. Looking at previous year question paper formats will give you an idea about the pattern and how much importance/time you should devote to particular areas of study. Have goals on the timetable which are more convenient and achievable instead of having unrealistic expectations. You should always block more hours for study on days when you feel more productive and are able to concentrate. Have time devoted for smaller breaks in between study hours.

Key Concepts should always be important: Instead of only mugging up engineering terms and concepts, focus more on understanding the core concepts instead. Understanding the major concepts will help you have a better idea regarding the subject/topic in question. This will help you handle various types of questions in your competitive engineering test instead of rote learning which can only go so far. Have creative codes/acronyms for remembering formulas and concepts of specific types. Make notes with these acronyms to minimize time and have a ready reckoner ahead of the examination over the last few days. 

Keep evaluating yourself periodically: It is very important to periodically assess where you stand in terms of your preparation. Do not just keep studying; keep taking practice tests and writing practice entrance examinations periodically in order to know how prepared you really are and the problem areas that you need to iron out. Have an examination-hall environment for writing these practice examination papers. Keep the same time as the competitive engineering examination you are about to sit for. 

Always have a positive outlook: The biggest and most important must-do for competitive engineering examination preparation is self-belief. It is the biggest differentiator and you should keep studying consistently throughout the last few months without leaving things for a last-minute burst. Always concentrate on your core curriculum, keep meditation and exercise as a part of your daily routine and do not take any additional stress or fear of failure. You should always tell yourself that you can ace it since self-belief is a very important aspect of attaining future success. 

Use the OK4R method if you feel fit: Dr. Walter Pauk has come up with the innovative OK4R method of reading books for competitive engineering entrances and other competitive examinations. O here is the Overview part, i.e. you should read the headings, sub-headings, intro paras and summary at the end of every chapter to get the general picture. K stands for Key Ideas and you should return to the beginning of every chapter and attempt to understand and read the core ideas/concepts. The first sentence of every paragraph along with tables, diagrams, and bulleted portions often give a glimpse into the key concepts. R2 is for Recall which means that you will put the book away and try to write a few key points that you have read. This will increase retention. R3 is for Reflect, i.e. once you have memorized the core material, you will have to make it permanent by relating it to other concepts/topics you are learning and also understanding its value or significance in a greater context. R4 is for Revision/Review. Keep testing yourself throughout each week along with taking quizzes online. 

These are 5 methods that will help you prepare better for any competitive engineering entrance examination in India.


Ajay Deep

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