5 simple tips for improving at online cricket betting

Cricket is one of the best-loved games on the planet. It’s huge in the UK and perhaps even more so in other areas.

The game is centuries old. Although record books pinpoint the late 1500s as the official start date. Before this time, groups of locals in a community would get together and play variations on the theme that we now know.

The game moved overseas from the UK to places like India and Australia. As the British Empire grew, so too did the cultural influence that settlers brought with them. 

The game is a huge deal in other countries too. New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Holland and Ireland all have massive followings.

Cricket bets

Having a flutter on a cricket match used to be an underground affair. But gambling laws have changed around the world. And now it’s legally possible to place your bets at your leisure in many different areas.

Cricket betting sites now draw in revenues of around $3 billion USD each year.

How to place cricket bets

It can be hard to know where to begin with sportsbooks in general. But thankfully, the range of online cricket betting options are plentiful. So it doesn’t take long to find a place to have a flutter. 

But all this choice does have its downsides. 

An overwhelming selection of cricket betting apps and websites can leave a new customer like a rabbit in the headlights. So it’s essential to have a source of good info. A good tip is to use sites like Casino.xyz to find cricket betting sites with generous welcome offers.

Here you can find not only the best cricket betting sites but also ways to place some free bets and enjoy all the action at minimal risk to your own cash. And you can do all this on your Laptop, PC or through an online cricket betting app

How to succeed at cricket betting

So once you’ve found the perfect place to play, how do you improve your chance of profiting? These 5 top tips will set you off on the right path.

Go with what you know

When placing bets on any type of sporting event, it always pays to know your stuff. And quite often, it will be your favourite team or teams that you know the most about. Having followed these players over the years, you will be in a much better place to correctly predict the outcome of their matches. 

It can be tempting to spread your wings and place bets on all manner of games. But if you don’t have the inside scoop on the other outfits, then you are unlikely to make well-informed decisions.

Read the latest news and industry reports

And it isn’t enough to just watch the games occasionally. If you’re serious about making some cash while placing cricket bets, then you need to know all there is to know about your teams and the industry in general. 

Changes to rules, for example, can have a big effect on clubs. As a result, this can change the outcome of matches in the future. You need to keep up to date with what’s happening.

Join several sites

Having accounts at several bookies allows you to take advantage of different prices. Bookmakers have to set odds for hundreds of different markets and they will differ from site to site. 

If you are able to access various different prices, then you can continuously benefit from these fluctuations. Don’t just settle for one set of odds. A savvy cricket gambler will keep his or her options open.

Make use of bonuses

Online sportsbooks offer a wealth of bonuses and promos. And it isn’t only just for new customers. Firstly, you may land yourself a load of free bets when you create a new account at one of the top sites available. But when you start playing, you can also gain loyalty points and pick up other bonuses along the way. They soon had up to plenty of additional free or discounted bets at your favourite sites.

And as we said before, creating accounts at various sites does have its benefits. Not only do you pick up a range of different odds, but you can also get your hands on loads of different welcome deals as well.

Go for smaller margins

Many newcomers to the sport often look for the best returns. But unfortunately, the longest odds are on outcomes that will probably not happen. So even though you can make huge amounts of cash from very little investment, it is unlikely that this will occur very often. If you want to see long-term gains, then you need to play the numbers game. Earning small amounts of profit on each match is a far better strategy than landing one big win but losing loads of bets along the way.


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