Air Duct Cleaning- Different Types of Air Ducts For Air Conditioner

If you are a first-time owner of an HVAC system and want to carry out an air duct cleaning or simply replace the air ducts altogether, you might find it challenging to find the right one to choose. There are many types of air ducts made from different materials and of different shapes.

You might also find it difficult to know the type of air ducts when asked by a professional. If you are one of these people, don’t worry because this list has all the types of air ducts and HVAC cleaning tips, and you will have an answer for your professional cleaner or installer the next time they ask.

1. Flexible Ductwork

Flexible ductwork is engineered from a metal wire loop and has a cover of bendable plastic. This duct also has glass wool thermal insulation. The ductwork lacks elbows and offsets, and it appears like a cube. They are mostly installed in small houses without enough space. Besides, when doing air duct cleaning, they are easy to clean thanks to their flexibility.

2. Rigid Duct Work

You can get rigid ductwork in various shapes, materials, and sizes, depending on the amount of space you have. If you can’t get the design you desire, you can also ask for custom-made rigid ductwork. These ducts are hard, unlike the flexible ones. They are also reliable and safe. Rigid ductworks also have a longer lifespan. The various types of these air ducts are;

  • Metal air Ducts

Galvanized aluminum and steel are the preferred materials to make a sheet metal duct. The materials are lightweight and easy to install. Do not try DIY if you don’t have the skills because your ductwork will not work as it should.

The advantage of sheet metal ductworks is that they are free from mold. There will also be no other growths in the duct. This is because they are non-porous, which helps in the restriction of mold growth.

  • Fiberglass Air Ducts

The fiberglass ducts resemble the sheet metal ones but have a fiberglass internal and external lining. You will find most of these ducts in commercial structures and offices. Commercial places prefer these ducts because they reduce the dampening sounds coming from the air conditioner and are easy to clean during the air duct cleaning process.

However, this is not the best material because fiberglass starts to emit small particles in the air as they age, causing air contamination. The particle can cause complications like asthma and allergic reactions. In addition, since fiber-glass is porous, it allows mold and different bacteria to build up.

  • Fiberboard Ducts

Fiberboard is made from compressed and resin-bonded fiberglass. The manufacturer then laminates it with a foil sheet to protect the duct from moisture. This duct is insulated, a reason it is a commonly preferred type. However, they are not a recommendation for ventilation because they become a breeding zone for mold and bacteria.

3. Choose The Best

Sheet metal is a commonly used type of duct because it is non-porous. This makes it hard for mold and bacteria to enter the duct and breed. The ductwork also helps to prevent the health risks that fiberglass ducts expose the home occupants to.

If your house is small, a flexible air duct will fit well. These ducts are easy to move around the house, and you can fold them if the house is too small to create more space.

4. Choose A Good Cleaning Company For Your Duct Works

Ductworks are delicate and need to be handled with care. To avoid causing damages to the ductworks, hire professionals to clean them and avoid DIYs. When hiring a cleaning company to consider;

  • Trained Stuff

Trained staff are professional, timely, and give the customers the best experience. The staff should have knowledge on cleaning tips, how to clean different types of ducts, or at least know how to clean your type.

  • Duct Leakage Test

A good air duct cleaning company should be willing to contact a free duct leakage test and see if your duct has other problems that need repairs. The repairs could cost you more, but negotiate the price before the repairs are done.


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