Bhangra in Kangra: Perfect Mountain Getaway

There’s rarely any prize at the end of each slogging work hour. There’s only a sense of sluggish victory and anticipation to have Chinese food at the end of each weekend. But that’s the price I had to pay for a normalized sense of stability and a milky way size bill amount. But the real lesson here should be – do we owe it to ourselves to find an optimum spot for respite. Wait, before I try to subjugate this question with my already nourished self-justification, I would like to think that the rat race won’t amount to self-love; it will only be detrimental.

Now that you have a glimpse of the kind of banter that pervades my mind, may I interest you in a travelogue that almost made me forget such corporate cruelties. I know most of this, as a premise already smells of an anti-corporate plan, but it’s just that I had a hard time detoxifying myself from the monetary sufficiency and labouring work hours. And, amidst such tempest, I decided to leave my job. But, now that I had no pressure of my former predatory time crunch, I looked for a tiny respite. “A man’s got to do something,” – I said, and I did; I travelled to Kangra.

Introducing Kangra – the trip to cope better

The trip to Kangra was a solo one. If I had to quantify the credibility of this place, I would directly compare it with a sudden surge of serotonin in my brain. Kangra had often been hailed as the “Devbhumi” or the “land of gods.” This hill town has been a powerhouse of spiritual fulfilment, maybe that’s what I needed — a bit of spirituality and Allen Ginsberg – who’s my favourite American poet. Placing itself amongst the fan-favourite list of hill stations, this place is often frequented by souls like me. Unlike, like my failing Himalayan products, the range that surrounds this place gave me a better glow on my face.

Detox starts

Much like sub-texts in criticism, Kangra had an interpretation that my inebriated self can articulate on my bad days. But for starters, I availed a convenient taxi service in Hoshiarpur, which drove down to Kangra. It was a reasonably decent journey where I mostly napped because I get bored easily on cab rides.

Landing and Settling

It’s a great feeling to step down the car after a long car ride. That was perhaps my landing and having a sense of settling on a land unknown. But, thanks to my willful orchestration, I managed to cut short – formerly I had thought of booking a cab from Chandigarh to Kangra – which would have a long journey, given that I already near Hoshiarpur.

What did I do?

What did I do? A lot – a slow and steady description could assist you, perhaps in understanding the journey.

  • First in my list was the Kangra Fort – this historic landmark stood erect through the abrasive decades, a reminder for everything sustainable.
  • Kareri Lake was the second place that I had visited. This lake alone gave me a reason to return and trek to this fantastic spot
  • Another one of those breathtaking treks that you can be a part of is the Indrahar Pass. I was lucky enough to spot the Pit Panjal range amongst the various ranges that you can typically look out for.
  • I was beginning to get weary of Kangra, so I decided that I find a spot that’s not too far away from it. Palampur came in my mind, and I paid her a visit for a day.
  • The next day, I returned back and lazily walked inside the art museum of Kangra. I could only feel the exhilaration inside after I saw the beautifully intricate artworks of Tibetan and Buddhist artists.
  • Paragliding was also in my list of activities, but I ditched the idea due to bad weather and my inexplicable fear of death.
  • So, instead, I settled for something less exciting i.e., Masrur. This place is famous for its rock-cut temples – the kind of 10th-century throwback that “kids born in the wrong generation” could relate with.
  • Last but not least, I attended a brief Bhangra workshop because why not?

The return to Homebase

It was time that I return to home base and resume my hunt for a less intense job, one that I will like and not fall prey to its formidable work hours. Kangra Valley indeed provided me with the respite I needed to be back on my feet. And I hope you do too.


Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is a young enthusiast who Loves Chandigarh and is always eager to make this beautiful city even more beautiful. A Mechanical Engineer By Chance and Working in an IT MNC by Choice. A Writer, Photographer and a Budding Entrepreneur. A Designer, Developer and Digital Marketing Expert. In brief : A Jack of All Trades and Master of Few :) You may reach Ajay Deep at
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