CBSE Makes Mistake in Class 12 Board Exam 2017 Totalling | No. of Re-evaluation Applicants Soar Higher Than Ever

To the worst shock of CBSE Class 12th students who appeared for the board examination of CBSE Class 12th in 2017, the board has caused huge blunders in totalling the marks of the candidates. Not one, two, ten but there have been plenty of such cases which have shown that the candidates had their biggest nightmare ever with CBSE’s such uncoordinated act which makes the officials of CBSE give out no comments what the number of applications exactly reached the board for the re-evaluation process.

CBSE Totalling Mistake: Students Agitated

Inviting wrath of students, parents even school authorities whose entire morale saw a decline when they realised CBSE created a havoc with the future prospects of the candidates who appeared for the CBSE Class 12th board exams of 2017 at a pan-India level. Doubting the transparency system offered by the CBSE with its initial speculations made in relation with ‘Scrapping the moderation policy’ and afterwards the recent scenario that has engulfed the entire nation to their worst nightmare which deals with the huge difference created in the totalling of the marks scored by students in various subjects of Class 12th Board exams of 2017 this year.

CBSE Blunder Exposed : Highlights 

Here are the highlights of events that exposed the CBSE’s act of ignorance which led to the following students go through tough times in accepting what was delivered to them in terms of their marks scored by them in the CBSE Class 12th board exam 2017.

  • Delhi Girl, Sonali scored 68 marks in Mathematics to her shock as her score in others subjects shoot 95+
  • On re-evaluation, her marks were increased by a whopping 27 marks making her Mathematics score reach 95 in CBSE Class 12th 2017 exam
  • Samiksha lost all hopes to get into DU North Campus when she saw lower marks in Mathematics
  • Her shock turned into a surprise when her initial score of 42 marks in Maths doubled to 90 in Class 12th 2017 board exams
  • Mohammad Affan from Mumbai got just 50 marks in Maths while his rest score lied in above 80 range
  • On further verification, CBSE changed his marks to 90 which is indeed a shocking gap between the two

CBSE Class 12 Exam 2017 Havoc Continues

Many students who accepted the score as their fate and did not apply for re-evaluation are at loss for CBSE has created havoc in the minds of many. While even those who did, are still not at peace for the lack of transparency offered by the CBSE in its Class 12 conduct of board examinations in 2017. Most of the reported cases being in Mathematics, the CBSE shocker has actually shaken many off from their complacency.

With so much pressure undertaken by the little hearts, All we hope and pray is that, justice is offered to those who deserve !!!

Source : TOI

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