Disney Pixar (Cars 3) Movie Review & Box Office Collection

Disney Pixar has launched its third instalment of one its most successful humanless franchise Cars, the Cars 3. The studio has added even more life to its colourful branded metal boxes in this new movie and made them so much more emotional and thoughtful. The new Cars 3 movie will capture your hearts with its amazing and cute characters in full speed.

Movie Cars 3 has received an overwhelming response from its Indian fans on its arrival at the box office. It seems like the Cars 3 has won the hearts of thousand of its fans around India and the critics as well as it has been given great reviews and ratings.

Cars 3 – Box Office Collection India 

The Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 has been released along with another animated movie Despicable Me 3 and Bollywood movie Bank Chor. The Pixar studio has stated that it has done a business of $900,000 reportedly, i.e. it has collected almost Rs 5.6 crores at the Indian box office. The film’s budget according to the studio was $100-$125 million and its making took almost half a decade. Cars 3 movie made a handsome box office collection on Saturday, a day after its release and its earnings went down on Sunday due to India-Pakistan match.

Cars 3 – Review

The reception of Cars 3 in India was truly amazing from its very first day of launch. The anticipation for the film was so high among its fans in the country that they filled the theatres immediately upon its release. The Cars 3 has received great reviews from its fans as well as critics who debated really hard on the Cars brand of Pixar and termed it as “crap” in the past.

Cars and Cars 2 received a cool response from the audience in the past and was considered as Disney Pixar’s fails. But Cars 3 after a long wait changed everything up and gave a story that will be remembered for long. The movie is now more sentimental than being “fast and furious”. The critics have stated that it was the last and the best final lap of the Cars franchise; it is joy to watch.

Source: News18

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