Emerging Careers in Biology

If you are a science lover and love the study of living being the most then Biology is the perfect choice for you. Now, as soon as students think about pursuing career in Biology the first thing that comes in their mind is Medical Sciences. It should be very clear to the students that Medical Sciences is not the only option that they have, there is a stream of options and career choices open to the students of this field. A small course or an additional degree can enhance your opportunities and help you grow immensely in your career. Below is a list of options that a student can pursue if he has interest in Biology.

Biological Technician

Considered as a popular alternative Biotechnology career, as a biological technician you learn to practically apply skills and techniques that you have learnt in your earlier years in laboratory, conduct academic research in collaboration with faculty. Students who want to ditch graduating can go for this. They can find these positions in medical school, non-profit organizations and government agencies.


Biochemist is a brewing field in Biotechnology and Biomedical research. Studying the subject and having knowledge in laboratory makes the students qualified for research and development of new products. The anatomy and physiology of the chemicals and solutions of biotechnology make the biochemists capable of understanding their reactions on human body. They are strong in writing and hence can present the proposal to the clients and colleagues well.

Genetic Counselor

Assessing the genetic make-up of people and making them aware about the genetic diseases that they can be passing to their off-springs. They can also work with people who think they can develop genetic disorders in future. For this career option they need to complete master’s degree in Biology. They must have advanced knowledge to assess about the rapidly growth body of human genome.

Health Communication Specialist

These people generally promote knowledge about healthy living, communicable diseases, public health issues and several other health concerns. They might also look into community involvement, marketing strategies and public relations, when appointed by health care units or medical companies. This field also requires strong writing and communication skills to maintain public relations.

Health educator

They teach people about healthy lifestyle, practices and behaviors that promote wellness. They must be educated enough to make people aware and interpret public health reports. They need strong hold on biology and good communication skills to speak to the client and convince them to lead a healthy life. Health educators generally talk about safe sex, stress reduction, nutrition and so on.


They provide medicines, clinical supplies and IT products to hospitals, clinics and other medical service providers. Along with biology, here, the students also need strong knowledge in Chemistry to know the reaction of certain drugs on human body. They need strong communication skills as well as technical skills to explain to the doctor as well as the patient that how can a certain drug help the doctor and the patient both. 

Physician Assistant

They must have sharp memory to remember medical conditions and their treating medicines. They need advanced knowledge in Biology to interpret medical treatments, surgeries and medications. This career is better to be pursued after obtaining Master’s degree in Biology.

Medical and Health service Managers

They need to have enough scientific knowledge about procedures and policies so that they can communicate better with the professional health service providers. They must be able to interpret scientific regulations and understand problems related to medical services so that they can modify programs accordingly. Their main work is to hire, supervise and asses health professionals and researchers.


To ask for patents and defend clients against infringement the lawyers need to understand the science behind biotechnology products, drugs and medical instruments. Medical malpractice lawyer must have enough knowledge to analyze medical interventions and judge the ethical decision of the health service provider. This might be a reason why several Biology students consider going to law school after completing their graduation in Biology. 

Thus, we saw that Biology has a stream of opportunities and is not enclosed only to health services, though might be very much related or connected to health service providers. The truth is that having a science background can help you diverge in several fields without thinking twice about same.


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