Maruti Suzuki Recalls 21000 Units of New Dzire Out of 1 Lakh Sold in India Over a Fault | All You’d Like to Know

India’s largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, has recalled the newly launched Maruti Suzuki Dzire in India. Yes, that’s true! The leading passenger car manufacturer in the country has issued a recall of the recently launched compact sedan – new Dzire in India. It has been reported that the car manufacturer has issued the recall over a faulty rear wheel hub.

The new Dzire recall by Maruti Suzuki has affected more than 21,000 units of Maruti Suzuki Dzire. According to the report, the fault has been detected in the new Dzire that were manufactured by the carmaker between February 23 to July 10, earlier this year.

New Maruti Suzuki Dzire recalled in India over faulty part

According to the report, the leading car manufacturer in India, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, has recalled more than 21,000 units of the newly launched Maruti Suzuki Dzire. Maruti Suzuki, the largest passenger car manufacturer in India issued a recall of the compact sedan Dzire to replace a faulty rear wheel hub that was detected in some of the models in the lot.

The report also mentions that Maruti Suzuki as recalled 21,494 units of the new Maruti Dzire manufactured between February 23 to July 10, 2017.

This is how can you check if your new Dzire is faulty or not?

As per the report, a notification has been issued by Maruti Suzuki about the new Dzire recall on company’s official website. The report also mentions that the owners of the affected models of the new Dzire were contacted from October 2017 onward.

Maruti Suzuki has informed the owners of the affected new Dzire model to take the car to the nearest Maruti Suzuki service centre for inspection. It has also been mentioned that the faulty part (rear wheel hub) will be replaced free of cost.

Owners of the compact sedan new Maruti Suzuki Dzire can also check on the official website if their cars are affected or not? Visit the official Maruti Suzuki website, enter the car’s Vehicle Identification Number on the website and the owner will be able to get the information about their model. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) starts with MA3 followed by 14 digits.

Visit your nearest Maruti Suzuki dealer today to get your car checked!

It is not for the first time that the leading passenger car manufacturer has recalled the Dzire in the Indian market. The last generation Maruti Suzuki Dzire that was replaced with the current next-generation compact sedan was recalled over a faulty steering assembly.

In a positive move by Maruti Suzuki, it has already informed the consumers about the defect in the compact sedan- new Maruti Dzire. The company is also offering a platform to check the defect in the model and is replacing the defected part.

Source: Drivespark

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