500 Trees in Mohali Will be Axed By GMADA & Here’s Why

Mohali roads are all set to get widened to approximately 150 feet and the project is going to be implemented at the cost of 500 innocent lives of trees. Yes, the deal actually sounds like chopping off 500 trees of the region to construct 15o feet wide road in the region in the name of development. The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) is on the war footing to procure lands and lay the roads for improved connectivity of Mohali with other regions of the city.

About the Project

The project aims to cover expanding sectors of Mohali like Sector 117, 118 and 119 in the region. What actually convinced the authorities is the manual calculations that were involved in computing a major parameter in terms of cost to benefit ratio which if comes out to be less than 1, the nod is given to any planning and execution in the name of development. Hence, based on above-mentioned criteria, the authorities have finally sought permission from the government to lay and construct the 150 ft wide road network along the sectors of Mohali region near Chandigarh.

How would the project affect the green cover?

The project would surely affect the ecological balance maintained in our ecosystem. One can imagine what effects felling of 500 trees at one go would result in. Here’s what, Take a look.

  • Farmers to lose whopping amounts of land as a result of land acquisition by GMADA
  • Farmers as a consequence would result in losing 365 fruit bearing trees
  • Trees like jamun, guava and mango ones to disappear resulting in losses
  • A group of 135 timber trees to be axed besides above mentioned as a result of plan
  • Social-economic impact on the ecosystem to worsen
  • Department to bear compensation given and payout for timber trees cut

How would the project benefit Mohali Residents?

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Yeah, we know trees are being felled but here’s what all development would cater to for common people.

  • Improved road connectivity
  • Reduce travel time for commutation
  • Boosting up of land’s market value
  • Traffic snarls and congestion to reduce
  • Developmental goals achieved
  • Catering to the upcoming population
  • Futuristic approach towards development
  • Sustainability and efficiency in functioning

How would the process workout?

It is indeed a cumbersome process when one sees the series of steps involved in carrying out planning, scheduling, controlling, monitoring and finally executing the plan to completion. Here’s what the entire algorithm looks like.

  • Land acquisition in the pipeline for the project
  • File to be sent to government seeking approval
  • Issuing of notices to farmers for land acquisition
  • Submission and analysis of report on socio-economic impact
  • Compensation for the losses of the trees to the farmers
  • Cost estimation work along with announcement of awards to be done

The project of improving the road network of Mohali by providing effective connectivity to other regions as well would not be only a win-win situation for everyone around. On one hand, if improved road connectivity is occurring, then one should also consider the felling of around 500 trees of the region as a threat to what’s happening to our green cover in the name of development.

When it is about development, we do not delay things but simultaneously if nature is at stake, a second thought is at least our responsibility towards mother earth. None wins none loses, it’s a matter of time. When the same traffic chaos would prevail over a decade, we would blame the government for not developing the area as well. Who knows how to judge and on what grounds on. So, make peace with the fact and move on because “Change is the law of Nature.”

Source: TOI

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