Patiala to Get a New ISBT & It Has Been Proposed by PRTC

Patiala, the princely state of Punjab gets a royal treatment when PRTC proposed a new ISBT in the region. Losing its last ISBT project to legal hitches of High Court due to non compliance of the norms by the designated authority to carry out the execution process even after signing up of an MoU, PRTC has yet again proposed the plan to come up in Patiala keeping in mind the demand of the present times.

About the New ISBT in Patiala

Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) has proposed a new air-conditioned multi-storeyed Inter-state Bus Terminal at a new location of 6 acres area in Patiala to cater to the ever growing demands of the population of the current times. The new ISBT at Rajpura near Patiala has been the talk of the entire Punjab since 2005. Ranging back to 12 years time period with no substantial grounds of development, it is sheer disappointing to see what’s happening in and around the Punjab region.

New ISBT in Patiala – What it would offer ?

The new ISBT in Patiala shall be designed and executed in safe and yet innovative hands of Government private partnership to deliver ‘Nothing but the Best’ to the commuters in the region. Let us take a look at the proposed plan :

  • Multi storeyed building of New ISBT
  • Air conditioned and sophisticated ISBT
  • Spacious location for parking of buses
  • PUDA to give 6 acres of land in the Rajpura
  • Proposal to have two bus stands – one for long route buses and other for smaller routes
  • To incorporate commercial viability in terms of revenue generation
  • Easing out of traffic chaos due to large number of existing buses
  • Smoother traffic flow to be ensured

Why Patiala needs a new ISBT for PRTC buses ?

With changing and evolving times, the demand of facilities rise. Here’s why Patiala needs a new ISBT for its PRTC buses to ply on different routes :

  • Lack of space for parking at the existing bus stand
  • PRTC drivers are forced to park buses at the roadside nearby existing ISBT
  • Traffic chaos on the entire stretch of roads due to parked buses
  • No air conditioning, commuters have a hard time travelling in summers
  • Furthermore traffic congestion due to introduction of increased number of buses at different routes

Highlights of last proposed ISBT story at a glance 

The last proposal made by PRTC for a new ISBT had a tough time as nothing substantial could be gained out of it but a number of years amounting to more than a decade simply passed by in vain. Here is the entire story that led to “Absolute Zilch” in the hands of the government.

  • In 2005: The then CM of Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh announces the project
  • In 2009: Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal lays the foundation stone of the project
  • Oct ’09: A deal struck between construction company and PRTC, company pays INR 27 cr against the allotted land for 20 years
  • In 2012: Company fails to start the project as per signed MoU, deal gets scrapped
  • In 2012: PRTC moves to court to ask for justification for delay. In retaliation, company files another case to get the leased money back
  • Till 2017: The litigation case remains pending with Punjab and Haryana High court
  • In 2017: Fresh proposal made awaiting government’s nod of affirmation

The proposals and projects may come and go. Incomplete, unfulfilled and pending is what defines our projects of construction not only in the Punjab state but also the evil engulfs the entire nation. People lose their patience, Government their stakes and companies their reputation. When such acts do no good for anybody, it is sheer lack of awareness and botheration that one goes through all this.

What to talk of the future expansions and planning when even current needs are not entirely met. And all we hail sitting at homes in our air conditioned rooms is crib about the scenarios! Let us see what this new proposal has in store for us – A new ISBT in Patiala or disappointment encore ??

Source = Hindustan Times

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