Punjab Wants to Sell Surplus Power to Pakistan & People are Like – What?

Punjab has so much surplus power that the state wants to sell power to Pakistan. This news about surplus power in Punjab might make you question this article. But as published in India Today, Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amrinder Singh met our Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi to seek permission to sell electricity to Pakistan.

Not just Pakistan, Punjab Government also wants to sell surplus electricity to Nepal. As per the plan of Punjab Govt, this would help the state earn more revenue. According to reports, Punjab has 1000 MW surplus power and it is this electricity that the state wants to seel to Pakistan & Nepal.

Surplus Power in Punjab?

The first thing that would come to anybody’s mind is that – Does Punjab really have surplus power? Well, if yes, then why does our agriculture sector lacks behind and farmers complain about electricity cuts. Even the urban areas of Punjab face electricity cuts in Summers.

Punjab wants to earn money by selling power to neighbouring countries but the point that needs a mention here is that the per-unit rates of electricity in Punjab are higher than Haryana & Himachal.

Why Sell to Pakistan

Well, the idea of selling surplus power to Pakistan and Nepal is fine but should it not be that first our own electricity demands should be met. The opposition also raised this issue.

Moreover, till date, India does have good relations with Pakistan. Talk about terror attacks, cross-border firing and most recent the former Indian navy officer who has been given a death sentence in Pakistan.

Punjab government claims that farmers are getting 8 hours of electricity supply per day. Instead of selling surplus power to Pakistan, what if Punjab starts giving more electricity to farmers in our own state.

Will India allow Punjab to sell Power to Pakistan

While the issue to sell surplus power to Pakistan now lies with PMO (Prime Minister Office), it is assumed that there are quite a number of roadblocks in the proposal. Let us know what do you think about the proposal by Punjab govt to sell surplus power to Pakistan in the comments below.

Source – India Today

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