Top 7 Gyms in Amritsar (With Membership Fee, Location & All Details)

List of the best gyms in Amritsar

For those, who are looking for the finest gym in Amritsar, here, is the list of top 7 gyms that are located in the city. People of Amritsar loves being fit and, this fact can be proven by the number of gyms Amritsar has. If you’re someone who cannot decide which one to join, then this post is probably for you. Finding the perfect gymnasium for yourselves in the city can be pretty hectic. So listed below are the perfect gymnasiums with their experience and address which will certainly help you to narrow down the list.

Lookout for top 7-Gyms in Amritsar

Scroll down to find the best 7-gym fitness centers in Amritsar. Below, is the list of best gyms that are located in Amritsar city.

# Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym based in Amritsar has grabbed fame for its unparalleled success in providing the finest machinery and fitness expertise available to help the people of Amritsar and beyond, to achieve their individual potential. This is one of the Amritsar Gyms and Spas that is well renowned for achieving the results.

The gym follows a globally proven fitness training curriculum for the people of Amritsar with state-of-the-art foundation and delivery procedure. The continuous up-gradation through training plans has made this gym one of the best gyms in Amritsar. With proficient trainers and dietetic advising, Gold’s Gym provides a widespread approach to the health and well-being of its members.

Address: Adventure Mall, 35-B, Mall Road, Amritsar, Punjab

Phone: 9988885251

Membership fee: Rs. 6000 (3 months), Rs. 10000 (6 months), Rs. 16500 (1 year)

# Talwarkars | Amritsar Gyms 

With the inaugural of the Talwalkars Gym in Amritsar, they have advanced techniques and equipments to become India’s prevalent chain of health centers with over 150 modernistic gyms spanning 80 cities across the country. With the growing client base that is currently 200,000 stout Gym in Amritsar. They have even crossed the waters to acquire 12 gyms in Sri Lanka. They have gained their dependency through years of providing skillful advice, personalized administration and a holistic, result-oriented methodology to wellness.

Now, you can select any resolution you desire in Talkwarers Gym in Amritsar, including Personal Training, Nutrition Counselling, Spa, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Nuform and Reduce. So, with all these facilities, Talwarkars has become one of the famous gyms of Amritsar.

Address: 2nd Floor, Cee Tee Mall, A, Opp. Ritz Hotel, 32, Mall Road, Green Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab

Phone: 0183-2220845

# Oceanic

Oceanic Fitness Gym, Amritsar is allied with providing modern gyms at inexpensive prices. This is one of the fully armed gyms in Amritsar, with complete strength training equipment, Hi-tech cardio machines, comprehensive free weights and a separate section for Aerobics / Yoga/stretching classes/ TRX Classes/ Bhangra classes. If you want to gain resilience or, flexibility, gain weight or lose weight, increase height especially children, or just bodybuilding, Oceanic Gym based in Amritsar is the right place for you.

Here, you will get an opportunity to work out with most sincere, enthusiastic, experienced and meticulous trainers who deliver results. Oceanic is a pocket-friendly, unisex family gym that is located in Amritsar.

Address: 1, 1st Floor, Majitha Road, Mall Avenue, Sehaj Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab

Phone: 09815041737

Membership fee: Starting at Rs. 2000/ per month

# Dawn Gym, Amritsar

This Amritsar based gym believes that everyone should be mindful of the individual’s fitness and physical well-being which is thoroughly linked to longevity and the brilliance of one’s life. This gym of Amritsar believes that bodily well-being is also connected to your work routine and, the delight you find in your domestic lifetime.

This is one of the best gyms in Amritsar that consists of experienced trainers, who are there to comprehend your fitness needs and help you attain your goals by providing immense support and inspiration. They have a squad of enthusiastic and motivated fitness experts, who practice what they preach and help you move a step further to grasp your fitness goal making it a perfect fitness centre in Chandigarh. The team stays informed with the latest studies in the fitness industry and is always ready to absorb more and more so that they move hand in hand with the dynamic atmosphere.

Address: Dawn Hardcore Gym, Adjoining Easy Day, Sultanwind Road, Amritsar.

Phone: 9872011711

# The World Gym, Amritsar

This Amritsar gym provides ultimate rooms, steam bath facilities, and General Aerobics. They have various programs up and running like Weight Loss Program and Weight Gain Program. They have the best security services. With the latest gym equipment and apparatus like parallel bars, barbells, jumping board, running path, tennis balls, cricket field, fencing area, and so forth the World Gym has made a mark as the top gym in Amritsar.

It is also popular as a social setting to meet people with common interests in physical self-improvements. Also, employees at this gym in Amritsar, tend to circulate and engage with the patrons on some topic and assist the newcomer with appropriate suggestions.  The gym staff is trained not only in fitness but, in social interaction as well. The World Gym is one of the best gyms in Amritsar.

Address: SCO-7, Basement, Boparai Complex, Ranjit Ave, Amritsar, Punjab

Phone: 09855595392

# Impuls Fitness & Spa in Amritsar

Always at the front when comes to the fitness revolution, IMPULS fitness and spa, Amritsar has recurrently evolved its profile by equipping the gym with the best features and the latest in cardio of star track along with the best strength training apparatus. The Gym now has the most dynamic group exercise programs including Zumba, yoga, kickboxing, aerobics, personal training and muscle endurance training making it one of the best gyms in Amritsar.

At IMPULS fitness and spa, Amritsar, you’ll find an energetic, helpful environment that is full of all kinds of people, who are dedicated to achieving their fitness goals. They believe that better fitness should be within reach for everyone in Amritsar. So, they have shaped an environment that’s welcoming, and have hired certified personal trainers, general trainers, and dietitian who will aid you to achieve your objectives with efficiency.

From keeping you on the path to keeping you encouraged, their fitness tools are the perfect mates for every fitness journey.

Address: 4, The Mall, Third Floor, Mall Road, Amritsar.

Phone: +919217477779, +919855755000.

Membership fee: Rs. 2500 (1 month), Rs. 5000 (3 months) Rs. 10000 (6 months)

Evolution Gym, Amritsar

Amritsar based Evolution gym provides finest fitness service under the supervision of professional trainers. With the aim to leave a positive impact on the client by creating a memorable fitness experience, the gym has been equipped with the modern & new technique of machines that helps you to get fit with amazing experience.

Above is the list of the best gyms in Amritsar that are established to provide best fitness training to the people of the area. With the best trainers, learning environment and exclusive training programs these institutes are handpicked gyms that are known to give best results.

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