Haryana to Make its Own Film Policy & It Will Be Coming Soon

Haryana is all set to announce a film policy very soon. Uttar Pradesh recently the National Award for the Most Film-Friendly State.

After the UP won the title, it seems like other states of India have decided to improve their film policies. Last week the officials of Delhi tourism held a meeting for discussing Delhi’s film policy. As per the sources, Haryana Government has also decided to go a step ahead and announce a film policy very soon.

Film Policy In Haryana

As per sources, the officials from the I&B ministry said that a lot of discussions between the NDFC, FFO and Haryana government’s officials have been done.

The Haryana government has also expressed their desire to come up with a film policy which will help in promoting tourism in the state. The recommendations that have been given to them fully match the standards of the FFO.

Haryana Film Policy Aims International Projects

As per sources, Haryana’s film policy has been drafted and is aiming international projects. A discussion related to an investment by NRIs was also discussed. Bollywood actors and Bollywood filmmakers have also come up and have appealed to NRIs for investing in Haryana.

The sources related to the Haryana Film policy project say that filmmakers in Delhi are facing a lot of problems. This would be an advantage for UP, Punjab and Haryana. The state governments of Haryana and Punjab feel that there has been an increase in the interest from the filmmakers and also feel that it’s a perfect time for them to come up with a film policy in Haryana. This would make things easier for the filmmakers and they will be able to shoot in other parts of the state as well except Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Karnal.

The government in Haryana got in touch with NFDC(National Film Development Corporation) and FFO(Film Facilitation Office). The Haryana government has asked them to draft Haryana’s film policy.

Source: The Times Of India

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