Haryana To Soon Become a Stray Cattle Free State | 89% Cattle Already Tagged

In an effort to make Haryana free of stray-cattle, about 89.3% of cattle in gaushalas and nandishalas have been tagged successfully so far in the state.

Haryana is also trying its best to make the gaushalas and nandishalas to be able to sustain independently.

Mission To Provide Shelter To Helpless Cattle

Haryana government is working towards restoring deserted cows and buffaloes into gaushalas spread across the state ambitiously.

Stepping forward in this initiative the govt. has:

  • acommodated 27,000 animals so far
  • communal approach has been taken up in 22 districts
  • the districts have been divided into two phases
  • in Phase 1 Nuh, Yamunanagar and Fatehbad are already stray cattle free
  • while other disticts would be declared stray cattle free by June 30
  • 50% of the 47,000 animals in Phase I have been restored
  • 8% of the 53, 000 animals are restored in Phase II
  • provided a UIN, Unique Identification Number to the animals while tagging
  • encouraged vets and gaushala management team to keep computerized records of the animals
  • made provisions for organizing medical camps in gaushalas

Haryana Government’s Stern Steps

Abandoning cattle, especially cows is no good thing to do once they can’t reproduce or provide milk by cattlemen. And, Haryana government too is not approving of this and hence decided to put up serious fines on those who cast aside innocent animals once they are “useless” for them.

Once abandoned the cattle are usually seen roaming around on the streets and roads which can cost their lives.

Chief Minister’s Approach

In order to make gaushalas self sustainable Chief Minister Manohar Lal is looking forward to introduce methods to obtain income in gaushalas by selling the by-products of the cattle.

He wants to train and educate people about the methods to produce income through the cattle even when they are no more productive so that people don’t abandon them frequently. He wants to reduce the provision of gaushalas by educating people.

To protect and conserve cows the government is coordinating with Animal Welfare Board and Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on district level.

Moreover, the CM is looking forward to start a plant in the state to process the cattle by-products.


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