Every House in Haryana Will Now Have a Unique ID Number

Haryana government has come up with a new project in which they will be allotting a smart house ID and will also be collecting detailed data of every resident of Haryana. DS Dhesi, Haryana’s Chief Secretary announced the details of this project during his meeting with the state DCs. Dhesi said that the Haryana government will be visiting every resident’s house and then the smart house ID will be generated.

The project will be starting from June 15, 2017 – August 15, 2017. The Chief Secretary has asked DCs of the state to generate the resident’s information and complete the project on time.

10 Things You Need To Know About Haryana Houses Unique ID 

1. The Haryana government will conduct a real-time survey to collect the socio-economic data.

2. A smart house ID online will be created where panels of Saksham and e-Numerator will visit every house of Haryana’s resident to save their GPS location.

3. Address of all the residents of Haryana, house, photo, details of the owner, electricity connection, location, water connection, bank account numbers, IFSC code, personal details which include mobile number, email id, details of educational qualification, religion, aadhar card number, electronic device details would be noted down when a real-time survey would be conducted.

4. All the above details which will be gathered will help in retrieving land details, pension details, scholarship details, loan and LPG, MGNREGA.

5. The Haryana government will provide benefits of 150 services of 87 departments to the residents of Haryana through the data.

6. The best part would be that under the Saksham Yojana, 150-200 houses would be covered and the unemployed people would also be given employment.

7. Aadhar cards would also be made, bank accounts would be opened for the people who don’t have one.

8. There will be a district control room for the real-time survey at the mini secretariat. The Haryana government will provide telephones and computers to all the employees who will be recruited for the real-time survey. About six people would be hired for the same.

9. The survey would be divided into two parts. Initially, a pilot survey will be conducted then the problems face in the pilot survey will be resolved.

10. The people of Haryana will be told about this project through the medium of sarpanches, councillors and schools.

Source: India Today

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