How not to Miss the Best Job Offer

No matter you’re a fresher looking for the first job or an experienced pro who wants to switch career, you need some guidance so that you won’t miss the best job offer for you. Or maybe you’ve experienced such an unpleasant, frustration situation when you had already been offered a job but an employer rejected to sign a contract with you in the last minute. You also need some help and explanations on how not to be dismissed next time and get a proposal.

We’ve assembled useful tips, follow them and soon you’ll get the best job offer. 

Steps to find advantageous job offers

You have to make a right start for getting beneficial proposals. Use proper sources for finding a job. 

  1. Ask recruiters to help you. They are always ready to provide you with job offers. And even more. Good recruiter agency will polish your resume and other application documents, train you before interviews and support you on every step until you get the right job offer. But it is rather costly.
  2.  Register on a reliable job site like, you’ll find lots of interesting job offers there and choose the best one for you. It’s very convenient to use such a site since you control the whole process on your own and select offers as you see fit. Make sure you sign up for email alerts so that you’ll be able to receive interesting openings as soon as they appear. This way you definitely won’t miss your chance!
  3. Use social networks for your career opportunities. Create a profile on LinkedIn, follow desired companies on social media. It’s a good way to learn about openings. Take part in discussions, post your professional achievements, share photos from the training you’ve visited and boast your new certificate. In other words, market yourself, be visible! 

It’s great to combine all these approaches, then you’ll get your job offer sooner.

Expand professional contacts

As it’s known, people are the main resource in any field. Use it in order not to miss a chance in your career. Most likely you’ve already got lots of useful contacts on the professional ground. But you should cultivate and expand your relationships not only in your field but also with different interesting people from other industries. They may show you unexpected ways in your career growth.

Attend different professional events as much as possible. Even if you’re a strong pro, new knowledge will be helpful. And, again, it means new contacts. Try to take part in a different industry event if you’re interested in it. It will broaden your horizons and contribute to your career development. 

Of course, all those contacts won’t bring you a job offer at once. But it will definitely work for you! Maybe somebody sparks you with a new idea and opens a door to new achievements. Or there may appear your future employer among your new acquaintances. 

To sum up, new people in your life mean new perspectives in your career.

Why you can lose a job offer

Even if the interview has gone smooth for you, there is still a possibility to lose a job offer. Here are the reasons for this:

  1. You don’t respond to a job offer. Obviously, you need some time to think it over, just let the employer know that you need a few days to make a decision.
  2. Never try to re-negotiate your salary or position. Once you’ve discussed all the details and reached an agreement with the employer, stick to these terms. At least for half a year. 
  3. Don’t post or re-share something inappropriate or offensive in social media. Don’t leave bad comments on your former employer or workplace, never share any confidential information! If you do so, you’ll lose a job offer. Even if your skillset is impressive.
  4. If you are supposed to have several stages of the interview, get ready to all of them. If you’ve performed perfectly during the first interview, but failed during the second or the third, apparently you’ll miss an offer.
  5. Don’t forget to write a thank-you letter after the interview. This way you’ll show your good manners and remind about yourself. It’s not obligatory, but when it comes to choosing between equal candidates, politer one has better chances.

One more tip: stay open-minded and ready for something new in your life. Look for new opportunities. Don’t fear to step out from your comfort zone, challenges are your best friends if you want to achieve much in your career!


Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is a young enthusiast who Loves Chandigarh and is always eager to make this beautiful city even more beautiful. A Mechanical Engineer By Chance and Working in an IT MNC by Choice. A Writer, Photographer and a Budding Entrepreneur. A Designer, Developer and Digital Marketing Expert. In brief : A Jack of All Trades and Master of Few :) You may reach Ajay Deep at
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